3Line Tales – Psychic Ad

“Are you sure someone can read it in a hundredth of a second?” Shiela looks upward.

“World’s Greatest Psychic seemed presumptuous, so…” Gabriel looks at her.

“But can they read it?!” Shiela questions



three line tales week 75: two bicycles in front of the ocean

photo by Meghan Yabsley on Unsplash
The two bikes peel decades from my life to when summer was an endless break.
Right here was where the obsession of Jenny started.
She smiled and took over her shirt and jumped into the water, it took me a minute to figure out to follow her. 

Unicorn- Three Line Tales 

“Ma’am, we have a report someone is charging to see a dog with horn.” Patrolman Jackson dryly explains.
“I don’t know what you are taking about?” Jenny scratches her head at the thought of where her Great Dane and son are.

“That sign is what I’m taking about,  Ma’am” He replies. 

Written as part of a challenge called Three Line Tales, details are available at https://only100words.xyz/2017/03/02/three-line-tales-week-57/


Offending Party – Three Line Tales 

 “This was in my yard and you have the only golden maple on the block!” Her high pitched witchy voice cracks my eardrums.

“Uh, they kind of fall  of the tree this time of year.” I’m perplexed by the poisonous tone of a snake of a person.

“It is your responsibility to remove them from my property right away or I’ll go to the authorities!!” Her seriousness is unmistakable.
Written as part of a challenge called Three Line Tales , details are available at 

Three Line Tales, Week Forty-Three

Darkness, Darkness – Three Line Tales

The light pulls back at my shoulder enough to pull me around.

” I need not be besieged by your ability to hide things in the openness of gentle breezes and perfumed flowers!” I justify my venture to the darkness . 

Like a mother darkness embraces me, forgiving the things I knowingly committed to end my suffering.

Written as part of a challenge called Three Line Tales ,  details are available at https://only100words.xyz/2016/11/06/three-line-tales-week-40-round-up/


photo by Rebecca Johnston – here’s a bigger version
He went to sleep with image of the deer and a dream sack from the Dinè spirit shop.  He was told be the deer,think the deer, and find the deer.

When he awake he was the deer and it was the first day of hunting season.
Written as part of a challenge called The line tales, details are available at https://only100words.xyz/2016/09/29/three-line-tales-week-thirty-five/ 

Open Casket

Written as part of a challenge called Three Line Tales, https://only100words.xyz/2016/09/08/three-line-tales-week-thirty-two/

My position no longer upright.   I state at the technicolor sky and the hole of humanity from which I sank. A million souls to help lift me back up and noone is here to see my own casket. 

Buffalo Hunt

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The sun warmed the prairies surrounding the Greasy Grassy River, the bison entered the valley looking for fresh grazing opportunities.  A single scout came down from the ridge hurriedly toward the battle chiefs tipi. 

“Tonight, we light up our tents to show our white brothers we are far too many to attack during game the hunt.”  Crazy Horse smiles knowing Custer is a dead man.



Burning For You

The difference between the fire and the flame is the heat it gives off. The flame flashes and warms the soul much like love.  But the fire has embers, uniformly pumping out heat and the feeling of equality within. 

Written as part of a challenge called Three Line Taleshttps://only100words.xyz/2016/07/21/three-line-tales-week-twenty-five/