March for Our Lives – A rant

The tiny town of Payson, AZ where guns outnumber people, there still is movement about gun law reform. Here we have open carry, meaning I am free to walk into Wal-Mart carrying my pistol on my side id walk about the wilderness much the same. There are a few places like government buildings that are ‘no carry’ zones. But the sense that guns have a responsibility with their use seems to be understood.

Then the crazy thought comes along. Which guns are safe in the general publics hands. I’m no hunter, however, If you need a 30 round magazine and a high powered rifle that can remove while chunks of the animals hide coming out on other side of it…. Well, that doesn’t seem like hunting.

I digress. If you need a license to drive a car, maybe you need something to own a killing machine too. I’ll argue a handgun, rifle, or shotgun is a totally different armament than an assualt rifle. Part of the problem is the Congress & the NRA.

Currently, the agency changed with finding out of a gun is owned by someone is called ATF (Alcohol,Tabacco, & Firearms). The ATF investigates as crimes involving guns with multiple fatalities, covering multiple jurisdictions, or involving sales or stolen merchandise. They are prohibited from having a database on gun sales. They have to comb through paper records to chase a guns history of sales. The NRA has argued the government could remove all your guns if they know when you purchase them. So if we can’t trace any gun purchase by computer, does this explain the power of the NRA.

5 million NRA members control the gun safety of 330 million in US. They believe any gun reform is taking away from their 2nd amendment rights (which discusses the right to bear arms & establish militias). They also pay congressmen that support imposing laws that reduce 1st amendment rights when it comes to protesting. Interesting strategy involving freedom. They have dished out hundreds of millions in cash to ensure the gun markers can flood the market unrestricted. People aren’t the only contributors here. Gun markers like selling things too.

These high school kids have to clean up their Grandparents mess from out of date laws & a society that no longer values safety in schools or public.



Not in loss

Just a fading away

Rock solid memories

Bound by times misty echoes

Tangible In name

Cloaked by yesterday

The dreams I can taste

Hopes never leave just hunger

The sunlight reminds

Calendars drift tirelessly

My hold chain for today

Forged long past in the missing


The horizon calls out

My itchy feet desire adventure

Lacking machete and jungle

Not handful of bread crumbs

My inclination for new path waits

Old ways overgrown by baggage

Thickets of others clog their views

Tangles of doubt choke out daylight

No weather vane to show direction

But the horizon is clear

New memories clammer with secrets

Shiny eyes glow in the dawn

Birds sing tunes like hymns

Rainbows lead the way

Past creeks of milk and honey

My itchy feet await the journey

FFAW- Dying Inside

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Yinglan. Thank you Yinglan!

Lydia stands at the wood’s edge.

“Love is accepting things we can not change.” her voice more defeated than longing.

She feels a slight chill in breeze. Her akimbo pose accentuated by digging the top of her right shoe into the faded plank of the boardwalk.

“Oh, it’s a fen.. Well, I don’tt care what he calls it. It’s a swamp!” She swats at bugs that have found her perfume irresistible. “I should’ve had him go to outlet mall first!”

She looks on the distance at him. If I just stands here long enough maybkille no-one will know we are together.”

The garish orange shirt moves.

“Come here! I told you they were here! Its a bunch of White Pitcher Plants!” Lionel waves her toward him.

“Love is accepting the things we can not change” Lydia tries her mantra. Her feet still partially frozen in place.

146 words

Inside Out

I’m wearing the insides out

Abrasive thoughts shape me

Knots twist and turn

Guts tightly strewn about

Breathing held in check

I know how ice feels

I’m wearing the inside out

I free those feelings ruthlessly

Shattering all those binds that tie

Everything you asked why

Tersely thrown at your feet

This is what bothers my being

I’m wearing the inside out

In many ways

Wordle – Nighttime

Week 180

1. Nullify

2. Gnarl

3. Octave

4. Negligence

5. Parasite

6. Peal

7. Leash

8. Muscle

9. Misrepresent

10. Boketto (to gaze vacantly into the distance without thinking)

11. Nightmare

12. Graveyard

Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem

The words can appear in an alternate form

Use the words in any order that you like.

Tag: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and Wordle

Nightmares gnarl at my backside. Like some parasite invading every muscle. It nullifies my sleep, misrepresenting my souls graveyard. Negligence keeps its tight leash about my neck. Bells peal calling yet leaving me in boketto.

Sunday Whirl – Waiting for the Other Shoe

A small cringe closes upon me. Like a wild wolf cajoling me, your practice of heaping praise seems more than kind. My eyes close to hide the blight called twisted love.