Sunday Whirl – Dante’s Forest

Shifting stripes of light scratch their way through the forest. My stranger drive is only shy the devil himself growling as the soundtrack. Mounds of earth look like burnt loaves of bread off in distance. Dante’s forest snatches any level of comfort I had going into it.


Next Maybe


Clock frozen

Moments chip away

Glaciers race my thoughts

Bat of the blind eye

Epics at hand

Edge’s await


Motion fails

Stone hesitates rolling

Objects don’t allows stay

But people usually do

Trapped by thought

Dreams locked



Cry in the Night

I’ve heard you cry out for years

Into my dreams, into my silence

Your voice trembles within my ear

My eyes search for a face

Shadows worn as cloaks hide it

I’ve heard you cry out for years

The voice has changed some

Your soprano tones more alto now

Your shape shifted in stature

I know your voice in my soul

I’ve heard you cry out for years

My sleep restless with each return

Tea leaves don’t know what you tell

Your purpose seems a quagmire

But I now know you are me

Descent to Plans

I chain an anchor

woven in discord

clad in silver and gold

stars given as a child

lessons in how things work

daily strife provides distraction

we fail to firmly understand

plans hard us down to ideas

lead weights of knowledge

cast in doubts realized

forged by fears of success

tomorrow is a golden field

but are you strong enough

lacing the past to the future

lies we are taught

chains we cling to

dreams see the only cure


Sun on my face

Kiss of warmth

Feeling of wellness

Breathing in life

Divine energy flows

Free panecea beckons

Transport to serenity

If only for the moment

Miracle is simplicity

Soft rays bestow it

Pale Quartet

My demons don’t ride houses

Greed takes its sweet time to arrive

Anger glides on bolts of lightning

Fear slinks about in the shadows

Apathy must drag itself upon thorns

The quartet move me with the wind

The four horsemen need not humans

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FFAW – Man and Machines

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Enisa. Thank you Enisa!

“You are in a running zone! You must run!” The mechanical voice yells staticy words.

“I’m lost. The street entrance was blocked….Someone left gate open.” I realize I’m trying to hold conversation with a tape recorder with a brain.

“You are in a running zone! You must run!” It snaps back to life suddenly.

“I’m trying to get to the entrance. You piece of junk! Get me a human, damn it.” I start getting edgy. “Second rule, man will lead the machines. You must follow my requests!”

“You are in a running zone!” the static blurs the words “Are you second ruling me? You fallible clump of blubber! I’m a security unit. I could fry you where you stand, if my video failed…who would find out.”

“Just tell me where the damn front door can be accessed! Or I’ll piss I your circuit breaker.” I loosen my temper.

“Typical human. Can’t read a sign. Can’t follow a direction. Go back out to the left.” The voice has different sound. “Or run as you are in a running zone!”

“Your mother was an answering machine.” I smile back.

189 words

Stealing thoughts

Butterflies wings stir

Dust fallen from dreams

Sparkle what we think we see

Smoke what we know we see

Pieces of yesterday viewed tomorrow

Our thoughts free

Nothing ever lacks chains

Beholden to beliefs imagined

Ties that bind choke their captor

We are only blind to truths we need

My belief breadcrumbs

Dust fallen from dreams

Contrived shattering illusions of now

Shallow answers of life’s questions

Depth of feelings skin deep as well

Wordle – My Reflection

Week 183

1. Malice

2. Gangly

3. Find

4. Misery

5. Hardhearted

6. Lens

7. Imperative

8. Orbit

9. Inchoate (adj.)) Not yet fully developed, rudimentary, lacking order

10. Helminth (n.)) a worm especially a parasitic worm

11. Mask

12. Glide

Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem

The words can appear in an alternate form

Use the words in any order that you like.

Tag: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and Wordle

I find the lens of malice, rather than misery chooses my mask. My hardhearted aspect may endear other helminths. Self awareness leaves one inchoate, orbiting my own gangly reflection. Self preservation is an awkward imperative.

March for Our Lives – A rant

The tiny town of Payson, AZ where guns outnumber people, there still is movement about gun law reform. Here we have open carry, meaning I am free to walk into Wal-Mart carrying my pistol on my side id walk about the wilderness much the same. There are a few places like government buildings that are ‘no carry’ zones. But the sense that guns have a responsibility with their use seems to be understood.

Then the crazy thought comes along. Which guns are safe in the general publics hands. I’m no hunter, however, If you need a 30 round magazine and a high powered rifle that can remove while chunks of the animals hide coming out on other side of it…. Well, that doesn’t seem like hunting.

I digress. If you need a license to drive a car, maybe you need something to own a killing machine too. I’ll argue a handgun, rifle, or shotgun is a totally different armament than an assualt rifle. Part of the problem is the Congress & the NRA.

Currently, the agency changed with finding out of a gun is owned by someone is called ATF (Alcohol,Tabacco, & Firearms). The ATF investigates as crimes involving guns with multiple fatalities, covering multiple jurisdictions, or involving sales or stolen merchandise. They are prohibited from having a database on gun sales. They have to comb through paper records to chase a guns history of sales. The NRA has argued the government could remove all your guns if they know when you purchase them. So if we can’t trace any gun purchase by computer, does this explain the power of the NRA.

5 million NRA members control the gun safety of 330 million in US. They believe any gun reform is taking away from their 2nd amendment rights (which discusses the right to bear arms & establish militias). They also pay congressmen that support imposing laws that reduce 1st amendment rights when it comes to protesting. Interesting strategy involving freedom. They have dished out hundreds of millions in cash to ensure the gun markers can flood the market unrestricted. People aren’t the only contributors here. Gun markers like selling things too.

These high school kids have to clean up their Grandparents mess from out of date laws & a society that no longer values safety in schools or public.