Dawn breaks upon your smile

My heart races to meet the Sun’s rays

Hope builds the bridge to you

Crossing the moat of indecision

Desire inspires alternate ways

There is always a way with hearts

You may only be a beat away

Surely just one dream from now

Crumbs build my bricks toward you

Please be the change I need

Tomorrow dawns upon that smile


My Secret

Like a sweat bead

I cling to you

In spirit maybe

My hope is touch

My heart needs secrets

But does yours?

Sparks free from fire

Pulses racing each other

Looks into the soul

Pander of possibilities

I call your unknown name

Whisper waiting for ears

Dance in the darkness

Flex your wings

Won’t you be my secret?

I know my world

I know my world

I keep it in my pocket

Prefect in it’s place

My skies perennial partly sunny

The clouds wispy just right

I don’t do rainy days here

My rock is my world

Tomorrow i’ll paint it again