The Planning Phase

I throw a dart to the map.

Airfare deals spin on app.

Landing in Dallas, driving where?

Five stars at hundred per star!

Wait, drive twenty minutes save

My head aches from choices.

I read reviews, staff forgot name!

No stars, really people

Chains from retail clusters 

Choking out the scenery

Texas, Ohio, California?

Buildings are all the same.
Come to see new things

Travel is to explore.

The people, the food, critters

State parks feed the hike need.

A river view, better river walk

The sound of a distant beach.

Sounds of music change in latitude

Picking the locals for destinations 

They hide the good ones away

Ask twice, get away places right?

Civic pride gets you plenty choices

Call the, by name, be friend
Nice pays well, travels better

Damn I still need a place to stay!

Keep Austin Weird stay outside

Still the Riverwalk across the Alamo

Drive South Padre Island miles alone.

Texas is calling for the week.

When the money holds the plans

Time means little but memories made

The map gets me so far.

Back to the app, hey wait a deal!