Palo Verde Mountain Wilderness – Pictures!

Outside Blythe, California lies a vast desert.  Go further abound explore your world.  But you need to have a SUV or Four Wheel Drive vehicle.  The payoff solitude and if you lucky geodes, or thunderbird eggs. Below is a picture from the website.  I found nothing.

 Welcome to the desert.  

Rule one there will be wind. This is a sand storm five minutes earlier it was a couple clouds of dust. It drifts across the road like snow.

The area around Palo Verde is sparsely populated. The roads are mostly gravel. The sides are between three and ten feet high on both sides.

Road signs are a plus here. The first one is thirteen miles in. The second five more. But notice the difference. You have ti get out of car to read it. The idea of a cross on these roads are usually memorials to people who pasted away.


Why go here? Views are eighty miles one way and fifty miles to the north. Only thirty to the east, but a mile high set of mountains are there.



The crown jewel of the desert, the ocotilla. They are usually solo. This is about ten feet tall. It dances in the wind. September they are loaded with red or orange blooms tight against their stems.

Cactus are what most think of in the desert. The white pieces are what’s left of the blooms. This guy off about four feet across.

Here is the Arroyo. Below water cut a channel. It’s presence provides life for grasses, scrubs and trees. The rabbits and roadrunners live here.

Three separate ridges in view.

Did I mention spiders? This lonely tarantula was waiting for his close up.

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All Hallow’s Eve, Samhain, ok Halloween!  It’s coming!  The ghosts and ghouls waiting in the wings for candy.  But there are things much too dangerous to share……



The horizon hides in the distance.
Jagged mountains hide things close and far.
The Sun abd wind are the only constant.
Life didn’t hide, it had thick hide.
Water is a hidden commodity.
It’s might carves the desert floor.
It’s present decorates what is left.
The views are stunning and surreal.
Peace and harmony live here.
If you’re are quiet you’ll find them.


Blythe Intaglios

The American version of Nazca Lines.  Three easily accessed figures are located off of US95, fifteen miles north of Blythe, California.   The following is a photo gallery of the area around the Intaglios.


First off all this is the only sign you may see.   There’s are two small white signs with brown print warning of the turn off, but you won’t see them the first time.  


Fall brings storms.   You’re open in the desert.   Heavy rains bring flash floods in the arroyos (dry creek beds).  The roads are gravel here and only passable for the first mile without four wheel drive.


The wall behind is twenty high.   This creek cut that far bank.  It can be half mile of water twenty feet deep moving fast.


Above is the view the builders never had.   These ancient figures are st least 3000 years old. They are fenced in. So pictures are hard to make look good.   But the views are staggering.

Best view right from parking lot



The walk around a figure one hundred feet tall and over sixty feet wide. They are made from removing the desert surface and leaving an outline of the figures. There are no vantage points to coordinate their construction.

View showing the fence


The desert does give gifts.  The rainbow had a faint double above it.   The views are on the fifty miles each way scale.




One of the figures has extra features.   Concentric rings by the left arm and a line through the waist.   Although both male figures (no obvious reason for male) are called the creator.



The third figure is animal.  No idea is given for it.  There were no cattle, no horses, and no elk near this area.   Other objects not seen here include rabbits, more people,  and snakes. I have not seen just read about them.


If You Build They will Come…Eventually


The Creator sent down a special present
Ancient civilizations had a world we can’t related to at all.  The concept of working long hours to build something that has no obvious function.  That is our daily life.  Building a massive outline of a person, several animals, perfectly proportioned to communicate with a creator.  Doing this by leveling out the desert floor without a vantage point to observe the whole operation, not our world.  Such is the world of the unknown people that wandered the deserts of California and Arizona maybe 3000 years or more ago.  

The place is called Blythe Intaglios.  The location is next to the Colorado River about fifteen miles north of Blythe, CA off US95.  A small marker points the way.  A handful of sites offer limited information.  A long gone by show ‘In Search Of’ (Leanord Nemoy) profiled it years ago.  The only aerial footage I ever saw of the site.


The Intaglios are protected by three foot high fences.
What is an Intaglio?  Well, it’s a geoglyph!  Think changing the earths appearance for symbols.  Petroglyphs in grand scale.  Nazca lines of Peru by far the most famous ones.  But here in the borderland of the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts, there are at least forty Intaglios.  Three are easy to see here outside of Blythe.  By that I mean by high clearance car or SUV.  A mile of gravel roads.  The dirt road continues but without a four wheel drive vehicle or a long unguided walk.

The environment is desert.  Bring water!   Summers are extreme often over hundred early in the day, one hundred and twenty happens here.  Opt for spring or fall for best weather.  The views are expansive.  Young mountains on multiple sides provide rugged backdrops.  The Colorado River is visible and fairly wide here.  Several plants lend green to the landscape.

The site is intertwined with arroyos, dry runs.  The threat of rain leads to flash floods.  The arroyos fill quickly.  The cut banks are often ten to thirty feet tall from the dry creek beds.  Respect the desert.  What you see can be incredible.  More pictures to follow…


A Bump in the Night 

The road thru the woods was the greatest piece of asphalt ever laid down.  It’s curves hugged the edge of hills, it’s rolls dropped forty to fifty feet at a time.   Tunnels of trees lined long stretches with hints of fog that creep out on still nights.

It’s one of the nights.   There is no breeze.   Ghosts of fog slowly twist and raise.   Spirits of mist dance between the trees, occasional cruising over the road drifting aimlessly.   The night is alive.   Critters bravely scurry under it’s warm blanket.

Shooting like an arrow.  A dash of silver splits the fog.   Rolling 70 mph, careening out of turns.  It’s engine tearing at the pavement.   The woods. .. oh the open road..  The first dip. .. The car floats above. .  Bouncing a soft landing.   A bigger drop awaits. .  Engine peaks… speeds clear 100…  The car drifts in the air.  The edge reaches and grabs tire.   The car disappears in the fog. Hard braking and landing. The car bounces but comes back to middle of the road.

With a flash of brown, and a loud thud. Julia’s night has changed course.

It’s her first new car.   The damage is just awful.  Her silver arrow more had a broken noise! Julia must figure out how to explain this.  Her new baby crushed.

  She screamed once, then twice.  Stomped her three inch heels, snapping one in the process.

“Oh Julia.   We talked about you getting that car.   I thought it was too much power for you.  I’m so glad you didn’t kill yourself. ..” She mocked the voice that would tell her how bad it was.   She cried a little.   Uttered some more semi coherent phases.  She once more limped around here vehicle on one broken heel
She kicked the object responsible.  Then again. Then again.

“Aaaahhhhh, my shoes are ruined.   My car is ruined. What is wrong with you?!”  She terse voice looks for something to blame here.

“Ok calm down Julia.  You got to call. Get it over with.   He’ll come get you. Make you feel loosy about it.   Then he’ll fix the GOD DAMN PIECE OF SHIT CAR!” Talking to herself on isn’t working.  But the echo from the other side of fog is.  The echo chides her as well.

The Baxter freeway.  Road to nowhere. Expressway to avoid everyone.   Here she sits.   Staring at broken car.  One person there.  It’s really quiet.   Because there’s no cell phone service.

Gulp.   The body in front of the car is no longer in front of the car.   Julia thinks to herself.   Maybe it wasn’t an animal at all.   That’s right it’s a shadow.   Could of been a deer. … bounced off to the side.   It happen fast.   Surely nothing could have walked off with the damage to the car.

The fog that was thick parts showing the rock wall keeping cars from falling down forty foot drop. Tree tops stand very dirty on front of her. The full moon casts their shadow at her.   The birds of fog dance in the moon’s glow.

“It would be so beautiful. ….”

Her thoughts and voice cut short.  There’s a figure kind of sitting on the rocks.  Engulfed by shadow but it’s there.   She can feel it.   It can feel her too.

“Oh god, it’s not dead.   I need to know what it is.   Why is it just sitting there?” She whispers.  She half crouches and leans toward her companion still thirty plus feet away.  Her heart beating like bingo drums in her ears.  She stands frozen for a minute or half hour. Time has all about stopped.

She checks her phone. No signal!   She walks backwards to car. Her eyes on that dark shape.   Her mind finds what looks like legs but not quite right.   Are they human? Not quite right.  Are they animal? Just a little too thick.   She looking for movement.   Hoping for no movement.   Her hand feels the car behind her. The sharp edge of bent nose pricks her finger.  Slow warm blood drops from those manicured nails.

Then it happens.   The thing in shadow moves.   It’s stretching to upright itself.   The fog rolls up from the side of road.   In a flash she thinks it stands on two legs but didn’t seem like a person. The moon light fades beneath the fog.   Darkness and headlights.   No creature.  Julia is now in the car with a very loud door slam.

“Calm down girl.   It’s alive.  See you didn’t kill anything. ..  But the car. ..  I wish I could see it.   That fog covered everything.  Oh no what’s that sound?”

There is a single sound piercing the fog.   It could be a howl.   It could have been a scream.   It didn’t sound hurt.

From the corner of her eye, comes movement.  A flash of brown.   Then the window shatters. A clawed hand grabs her by the hair.   Screaming replaces breathing.   She fights off the first wave. Then a second.   It leaves her sitting.   Alone. Sitting. Dark road. It’s going to be a long night.



PHOTO PROMPT – © Dale Roberson

The legendary snakeroot finally broke the surface of the water.  Its was rumored to be the cause of the six drownings in Lake Pleasant this summer. The stories about the plant go back to early settlers.  It’s rarely seen.   Mixed in with cattails, it might as well be invisible.

“Boss, let me get this straight.   I’m going to a mud pit of a pond.  I’m going to find a legendary plant that drowns people?!…..”David Daily looks at his phone in disbelief.   Years of award winning investigative journalism flash in his head.  “I mean it’s an urban legend.   Not my wheel house.  How about you send an intern?  Let then cut their teeth on the big story. …I see, you are serious…. ok. I’ll put the triple murder investigation aside, sir.”

Headline next morning. . Seventh Victim of the Lake


My skin crawls as cold darkness embraces me.

The light that once shined bright is meager now.

The world, once vibrant and lovely, is dim and lonely.

Green has given way to brown, soft became rigid.

Breath subsided to a deep form of stillness.

The year has changed, the cycle has ended.

The only one who looked forward to it.

Death, itself.

Hear glorious sounds below….