Drifting Away 

I watch you drift 

Each passage leads you further 

You never look back 

Currents toy with your ambition

Eddies await to swirl your direction

On shore, any hope floats past you

Your empty hands only reach from afar 

Past the length of any arm 

Tomorrow you will out out again 

The tides await your efforts 

Again I’ll watch to see if you return 

We dance until the chord breaks 

The waves drowned the sound 

Until the horizon welcomes you 

 I’ll still be on the shore 

Waiting to see where you’ll go

Anecdotally Coming Through in Waves

The salty air surfs above.

White caps push-up

They tumble and spread.

Behind them another line waits.
Crashes echo

Roars build and  vanish.

Waves jump on the waters back.

The graceful act of low flight try to reach higher

Pulled back down

The water washes white.

It ripples and races faster toward the sand






Water, sand and Sun.
The key ingredients needed.
The brighter the Sun
The softer the sand.
The warmer the water.
Beaches get nicer.
Sounds of waves
Sounds of kids
Sound of wind
All dance together.
Worrys drown in the sea
Time slips beneath waves
Sun tracks hours
My mind stretches
Hoping to feel sand
Waiting for the day
To return to the Beach