Memorial Monday Finish the Story – Gone


Originally posted on August 26. 2015.  Barbara’s photo and first line. Titled Gone

“Where did they go?”  The words hung in the air.

The sentence repeats everyday.   The voice changes.  It mixes with the bristling sagebrush and weeds.  The desert is not quick to answer any of them.

Wapataki lay still.  Hundreds gather into slow line heading North toward the river.  It’s three days. The temperatures of summer harden the ground earlier.  Crops have failed to produce the last two years, and this year is the water has gone early again.

Pakitowa land back against the wall watching his people leave the community generations deep in history.   His gods choose their home.   The stars fell to this spot.  He holds the glossy silver stone in his hands.  It was last night, the stone seeped.  The sign to move couldn’t be any clearer.

His heart still.  His breath held fast.  He is the last to leave.  His people occasionally look back.  He can not.  The proud leader is reduced to a divining rod.  Their fate cast toward the promise of water.  The dream is the gods know where they can live in peace.

An hour in a bright light baths the tribe.  The orange glow brighter than a million sunsets.  They have returned the stone that fell back to the sky.

“Where did they go?”


Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge

Challenge open Saturday 28th – Friday 4th December 2015 Welcome to this week’s Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge. For those who have never dropped by before, a new prompt is posted every Saturday morning at 9am GMT for you to interpret in any way the muse grabs you.


She stares at me.
Eyes feel like tentacles.
My skin creeps at the invisible touch.
I welcomed her once.
I feel her always when she’s near.
Not the tall thin, but the real curved woman.
She flashes green eyes.
The gaze carries souls toward her.
I’m frozen in place yet hopelessly drawn.
I cross canyons of the past.
She extends arms for an embrace.
She fits like a glove, her intentions gone.
The feeling of what was never.
The hope of what should have been.
The wonder of everything forced to shadows.
I pull away to save me.
She pulls my strings back effortlessly.
She’s a nightmare, she’s my curse in shadows.

Lines in the Sand


Lines in the sand.
Drawn between kids on the playground.
Drawn between friends as we get older.
Taking issues in relationships.
Don’t you cross here!

Winds of change tear at ourselves.
Winds of change alter the lines.
Tattered and torn we hold fast.
Destined to cling to what is ours.
Someday we will notice the line is gone.

Tea Snob vs Coffee Addict

Ok, so maybe that’s a little much.   But the girl guzzles coffee.  The starting point here is innocent.   Most stories begin that way.   So simple home structure.  My wife, step daughter and kitties under the same roof.  I’m outnumbered on this two to one.  There is a problem with coffee drinkers cohabiting with a tea drinker.

My step daughter, who really doesn’t pay attention to much, starts with why I’m I during honey into hot water and then making tea.  I really dint know why I do this, but I see where this is going.

So in the most parenting manner, I explain tea isn’t spit out of a electric Dragon breath over burnt beans ground into a pulp. She take exception to the burnt beans part. To which I explain the roasting process, and yes they burn them. The elegance of steeping tea and mixing a natural thing like honey, far more relaxing than hearing a growing machine regurgitate my choice of beverage.

This leads to the time factor.  She doesn’t have all day to wait for tea to brew.  And she uses Stevia! Loading the coffee maker with the little tiny cup, pouring water into the coffee maker and pushing a button, this is much quicker then microwaving water fire two minutes and throwing in a tea bag.  We both come five minutes later. Of course, my sweetener choice is processed by bees.   Hers is made from a plant beat to a pulp, made into a slurry and dried into chunks only to be beat down and sifted.  So I see the time savings.

So I stir my tea and she stirs her coffee.  Another normal day.

Into the Sunset – Special FFAW

Special Challenge in Memory of Barbara Beacham

Posted on November 27, 2015 by Priceless Joy

As most of you know by now, Barbara Beacham, the lovely host of “Monday’s Finish the Story” flash fiction challenge, passed away from cancer, on Sunday, November 22.

Because she was a beacon for many of us, several people have asked that a flash fiction challenge be done in her honor and in her memory. This is a ‘special’ challenge and does not replace the normal weekly challenge which will be posted as normal.
Photo Credit Pixabay. Com


It is not we forgot the day as the Sun sets.  We remember the possibility of tomorrow.   The things that we achieved or experienced flash before our eyes.   The warmth of a newly minted memory.  The reaction we had from someone or something they did. In the sunset we hold a light to lead us into something we can not see but will soon.

The story begins wuth the following line.

She helped many if us start out here. …

Finding a Place to Go​

There is an art to vacationing.  There are two ways to approach it, by destination and price.  We all have places we want to go and see.  The biggest problem is people over complicating the idea of travel.  Travel is about seeing the world.  Time is always an issue but the cure is a return trip not packing eighty things in four hours.  This is a quick run through of my trip planning.

First, I travel often – I travel economically.  I use multiple websites to search for airfare and hotels.  I love the desert, the best cheap flights go to Las Vegas or Pheonix.  There are a dozen places within four hours of each.  Rental cars are almost always a better deal out of a package, hotel and flight deals are great if you stay in that place the whole time.  If you spend a week in three different places, go through the hotel’s website first.  Then go to the travel wholesalers.  Remember they attach cookies to your computer (your price will never go down if you don’t clear these out!), they watch you watch them.

Finding parks are a great way to see the area and have locals tell you what to see there.  If you read maps, you can compare the dot on the map to the website of park or outdoor sites.  Don’t be afraid to pay a small company for a tour.  They will stop for that picture you want,hello they will tell you the picture you want!   Go eat local.  You will get great travel advice there.  People love to share the world if you let them.

When looking for a hotel think of where you are staying.  A twenty something will love the live music at the next door bar at spring break!  Some others might want to sleep at midnight to go lay on the beach at eight AM.  Most hotels list nearby restaurants and bars.  Free breakfast is great, but read reviews to see what you get.  Most important when reading reviews remember you don’t t knows he people writing them.  A average place with no complaints is suspicious!  People should complain about wait times, lack of towels, outdated decor might be ok.  Smells and dirty isn’t acceptable.  A low rating on a review might be minor thing.  Read several going back a year.  If you travel in spring read about the reviews then.  Staffing maybe be heavier at different times of the year.

Have fun! Never plan every hour of the day!  If it’s your first time there, then enjoy very few things!  Take a camera besides your phone!  Phones tend to die first.  Digital pictures don’t cost anything! Go crazy with the pictures.