Wordle – Shallow Heartbeat


1. devour
2. self-possessed
3. exhaust
4. chaste [abstaining from extramarital, or from all, sexual intercourse|not having any sexual nature or intention|without unnecessary ornamentation; simple or restrained]
5. dowry [property or money brought by a bride to her husband on their marriage]
6. pollen
7. white sweet clover
8. arc
9. the conventional position
10. animate
11. fawn
12. sprout

A lovely set of arcs spells out a promissory dowry. A tender fawn or maybe a honeybee drawn by white sweet clover pollen. The idea sprouts maybe a wolf in sheep’s clothing using the conventional position before it devours prey. The act of self-possessed mind playing chaste or just animated figure exhausting possibilities.


Can You Spot all the Sea Monsters in this 16th-Century Map? | Atlas Obscura


Hmm, if I lived in Scandinavia would I load the North Sea with monsters to scare away others?

The Post – Six Sentence Stories

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The winter wind chewed through the mountain pass.  The post was furtherest from the heart of the empire.  The road laid by Xerxes the great died in this very ravine.  Shadows of civilization lost in the light clearing these capped peaks.  The race of a single runner versus the massive army of the Golden Horde was on.    The heart of the nations defense watched as the fringe fell.

Welcome to Ohio!


The dull thumping of the helicopter blades shake the walls inside the house.   A family of four hides in the basement.  They have been through this before.   They know what’s coming.   It’s the same life for two years. The places change, but the people are the same.

Nizar holds his wife, Amira.   She curls over Sharma and Tarek.   The huge 1200 for home is empty save for them , a couch, and a couple beds.  They were told they were safe now.   The promised land of America.   Everyone here starts with a chance.   The vibrating walls says different.

Nizar remembers a dark car ride into Lebanon.  His family split for two weeks.  Their gold bought them passage.   Not peace.  In a week, it was a refugee camp.   Registering his child as criminals for lack of an official immigration form.  

Truck driving skills landed him work inside the camp.   He would transport the sick to infirmary, then food back on same truck.  The sick infected some of the food.  More bodies would flow one way.

He won a slot to Greece.  His family would be shipped like cargo to another place further from the death of his home town.  Another country, a different language.   He was told the had no way to support the refugees.  They would be homeless.   But it was away from the street violence. 

There was no peace. The people of Greece were not ready for his kind.  Years of stabbings followed the refugees across the country.   The family unable to speak the language ended up in a traveling mass.  The nomads plotted across the country. Shortly the government placed then on trains to move then further along.   Cattle cars made to house people.   The conditions of the camp seemed better.

The rails ended in Germany.   Another camp, another chance.   Another job helping by driving a truck.   Another chance.   This time it was permanent.   The intake to America.   Refugee gold.   A house, a government sort for him for a year, education for his children.  The land of milk and honey lays a plane ride away.

His mind is jarred.   A large crash upstairs.
Voices call out.   The family doesn’t move. The sounds of feet above them.   There was no furniture to hide under.  There were no objects to conceal.  The only thing was to wait.

The soldiers came down the stairs.  Automatic weapons raised.   Full battle dressed men against a small unarmed family.  Their words a mystery.

“Get up! Hands where we can see them!   Everyone step apart.   Feet spread! Stand against the wall!  Hands out!  Move! Move! Move!”  Yells one of the men from the back.

The family looks dumbfounded.   They don’t know the words but have an idea of what is required.  Slowly they give in.

“Sergeant,  I’m not sure they understand English.” Steward looks at his leader.

“Steward, they will!” He snaps back.

This is highly fictionalized! The photo taken over a residential street of an unknown raid. There was no publicity afterwards here. So on top of the Governor of the state declaring we were afraid to help non European refugees, it felt appropriate.

Peaceful Use of Nukes!

Really the US government was willing to use for civilian projects.   Project Plowshears (as if it could be anything else) was designed to blast harbors and tunnels.  We had these new bombs, and since there wasn’t a good war going on, why not take on mother nature?


The Left Click of Destruction

PHOTO PROMPT – © Marie Gail Stratford

“There was a time when rivers ran free.  There were tall plants, we called trees.   The ground was brown and covered in solid patches of grass…” Grandpa Julius pauses, pulls off his fishing hat, adjusts in on his head. “You see at your age we had a wireless libraries.   Lights powered all night long.”

Abraham looks at him with big eyes of a six year old.

“One day, the President had this device called a mouse.  With one click, the war started.  No-one knows why it happened.  Some day maybe you’ll see a light, fake sun in your room” his voice falters.

Reblog #2. Service animal legislation

The following is copy of email from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.   A no kill sanctuary for every type of animal.  Please read.  If you agree send an email or call your local senators. 

Ask your Senator to support our troops and the brave animals that serve alongside them.
Give our military service animals the forever homes they deserve.

Dear Members and Friends:

Memorial Day is the time for us all to give thanks to the brave men and women who serve our country. Our service members risk their lives every day to protect the land they love, the family members and friends who love them, and the animals they care for. And standing right beside these warriors are the military animals who are helping to protect our country at home and overseas.

The military puts these animals to use in a variety of ways, but whatever the job, they all serve their country with dignity and pride. That’s why we think it’s so important to honor these veterans both during their working lives and later, when it’s time to retire. Just like the men and women in uniform, these veterans deserve every chance to have peaceful and enjoyable post-service lives, and they deserve our support.

The 2016 fiscal year military appropriations bill recently passed the House of Representatives and included a provision that mandates that all suitable military animals be made available for adoption. It also says that each animal’s handler — the person who these veterans most trust and rely on — shall be given priority when it’s time to adopt. We can’t think of any better way to say thank you to our human service members or the animals that serve alongside them.

The bill is making its way to the Senate and we want to let Washington lawmakers know that we think this special provision should stay in the final version. I’m asking you to help us right now. We’ve made it easy for you to ask your U.S. senators to support section 594. We all know that politics isn’t a spectator sport, so now is the time for us to stand up for our service members (human and animal alike) and show that we’re behind them.

I know that you’ll help us in this effort like you’ve helped so many times before. Please click here to take action. With your continued support and effort we will truly be able to Save Them All®.

Thank you,

Gregory Castle, CEO

If you have a question or concern about animal welfare please email info@bestfriends.org