Collector’s Dream


I collect coins.   But what you collect didn’t really matter.   We all have that thing you want.   When you start helter skelter, you have a bunch of pieces.   Nothing usually looks close to other things.   We learn to like particular things, or people get in your mind and tell you these are really hard to find, special! Then you become a serious hobby person.   Collector is somewhat beneath you.   Your a serious person with direction to your mishmash of stuff!

So I sit here in my little world.   Coins, both grandfathers collected them.   It was rare occasion that shoeboxes of old silver pieces would see the light.   Things alien to a child’s eyes.   These faces are different.   The color is different.  It’s sounds different on the table, they sing if dropped and allowed to roll flat.

I decided at one point to look for what are called”seated liberty” coins.  Obviously, below is Goddess of Liberty seated is the name sake.  The US Government minted these longer than any other series, and in more denominations.  They were half dimes, dimes, twenty cent pieces,  quarters, half dollars, and dollars. 

This beauty is from 1856, a half dollar coin and was one of 260,000 that left the San Francisco mint.   Most years production is more like 6 to 9 million.  But in the first year of operations makes it collectable.   At less than 4 percent of normal production, we are rare! She is far from perfect, but how you think you’d look at 159!  One of my serious numismatic (coin collector by prestigious name) goals was the first year of the San Francisco and New Orleans mints!  I can’t afford coins from 1794.  Denver is newer, and pennies.   I’m into silver coins.   You know if the revolution comes. ..precious metals.   Think about it!

Any way, I got a New Orleans dime from 1838 on the same day.   Goddess of liberty is far more worn, and we didn’t adorn her with thirteen stars (one for each of the original colonies), or tapestry either.

I’m good.  Now, I can quit collecting!  Probably not.  😀