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Part of a challenge of Monday Finish the Story. This is a unique flash fiction challenge where we provide you with a new photo each week, and the first sentence of a story. Your challenge is to finish the story using 100-150 words, not including the sentence provided. Don’t forget to use the opening sentence… This challenge runs from Monday to Sunday! Get creative and have fun finishing the story!

Please include the photo with your bit of flash and a link back to this post. Do not forget to click on the blue frog and add your link so that others can enjoy your story too! Now let’s have some fun!

Photo credits © 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

The cemetery spread along the area known as Devils Abode.   The ground is full of hatred.  A spirit can not rest there.   And seldom do.   It’s historic maker a trap.   Spider web from hell is all that lies in the Devils Abode.

The painted boards from trees dead a century,  haunt you with names.   Colorful names of choosing, not given names.  Their disembodied souls wait an eternity for a opening.  They fight over attaching themselves to the selfie taker.  Like they stole from the living, so it is in the dead.

The legend of the Abode told by an old worn out barn plank.

“Here lies Lester Moore, four slugs from a 44, No Les No More.”    

Inscription from Tombstone, AZ lovely town cemetery.

Monster in the Backyard

Can you have a nice weed in the garden?  Courtesy of one of the birds that have pasted through, I have this monster sized Datura, or moon flower.  This is almost seven feet tall and just as wide.  It has a dozen blooms that open in the evening.  That’s where moon flower comes from.  It has seed pods that are the size of limes but heavily spiked.  The juice inside is poisonous.  I told you it’s a monster.    


Baggage Claim

The buzzer and yellow lights flash.   A belt jumps into motion.   Aluminum plates snake around causing baggage to appear from through the floor.   A bang shots through the open space of baggage claim.   The line is down again.

Beneath lies a series of belts.  A dark underworld series of belts leading to metal doors and the outside.   It’s a long way for light to travel.  The damp floor creates a musty place.   The baggage seldom stays long enough to notice.   A couple dozen people hurry to and fro, sight unseen.   Minions of the travel world.   Their dark world shared by friends only.

The belt has caught one of those friends.   A small rat stuck underneath.   Meets a grisly end.   Two a day ends this way.   The crews have a drill.   The designated rat puller, the cleaner,  and the all clear guy.

“Randy, you’re up. Second belt ascending.   It’s a juicy one!” Susan, the all clear gal, “Hurry up TSA is stacking the boys outside”

“Those damn carts.   Auto everything,  People would know we’re off line.  Automated carts, they took place of the BOYS!  They can wait their digital asses outside.   Where’s George with the body bag?”  Reaching up under a three foot wide belt, Randy disappears.   A moment later he emerges with a flat brown pelt. 

“Damn, you should use a glove! You don’t know where that’s been!”Susan chides him.

“It’s ok. He don’t know where my hands been either!”  Randy relies.   The rat dangles as he walks it to the hazardous material bag.  “George it’s all yours under there. Little guy left a mess!”

Above them, anxious flyers await.   Racing on and off to another destination.  A couple hundred each with the question of what takes so long.   In multiple languages, from below it has a song like feel to it. Life at the International Terminal calls back to normal.

Part of a bigger picture. ..


National More Herb, Less Salt Day

Today,  August 29, is  national More Herbs, Less Salt Day.  Do you get enough salt?  The average American only takes in 3400 milligrams a day!  Just barely double the safe level of 1500 milligrams!   So to battle this,  a day to enjoy healthy eating.   If you would rather easy your bag of potato chips and eat processed food, there hope for you yet.   The footer of the day  is the Texas Bluebonnet.  Since its usually bloomed out by now, the exercise finding one will help.

Sunday is a piece meal day. Frankenstein Day.  Mary Wpllenstone Shelley born this day, August 30, a mere 218 years ago. A frightening story of how surgeons were playing God.  People being put back together! Wounds closed?  Infections bleed out? We will live forever. ..

Tuesday brings the less remembered VJ Day.  The official end of the American operations against the Emperor of Japan.  After two devastating atomic bombs melted cities.  The only ones deployed in war.

Wednesday’s are tall order to face the second half of the week.  September 3, hug your favorite steel beam! The lowly beam allowed man to reach for the sky without the pyramid.   If you’re in China, you have 7 of the top 15 buildings.   But as of today,  Dubai has top honors.
Tallest four:
Burj Kalita 2717 feet Dubai
Shanghai Tower 2073 feet Shanghai, China
Allah Royal Clock Tower Hotel. 1971 Mecca,  Saudi Arabia
One World Trade Center 1776 New York City, US

Enjoy your up coming week.

Camera Lucida – Divergent

Driving through parkway

Divergent things.  Obvious ones, driving through parkway seemed too easy.


The beginning and end.   The pointed looking thing at bottom right is the omega.   The seeds developing fir next year’s bloom.   The round alpha is the bud waiting for its chance to bloom.  Nevermind the  white things they aren’t part of this.


Close up of a telescope!


Old (1812 version) and modern way to make 51 cents.


Fire and ice! Who didn’t see that coming?


Sorry,  I don’t mean to be negative here but. .. fire and ice reversed!

Leaving with a different thought.
“You just a picture.
Your an image clutching time.”
Ronnie James Dio, Rainbow in the Dark

The Vision

The two dark set eyes dilate quickly.   The body wrapped in cotton cloth settles back into it’s half circular standing bed. The head is the only part moving.  The straight jacket holds her together.

“From the mountains.   They come in a tan truck and a white Mercedes.   There are eight total.   The mountains face west.  Seven, there are seven bombs.   They will be in the streets of London.  Tuesday, 230pm, every half hour until they are all gone.  The Tube. Clapham High, Oxford Circle, Whitechapel, Hackney Downs…. They will kill you all!”  Figurine hisses.  She blinks twice. Her eyes close. 

The black suit stares at Figurine.   “She done?  Is there more?”

The white coat looks over,  “She’s out.  Four hours at least.   She’s 90 percent accurate.   Highest psychic rating ever.”

They turn away. The row of bodies surround both sides.   Five bodies mark the end of aisle.   The triangular knob closes the file of psychics.

“So what do you use on them.   To get them to talk.” The black suit inquires.

“Water.  They believe they have no choice.  It’s called being locally blind.   They all do it.” The white coat answers.

“Rainer, it’s happening Tuesday in London.” Black suit talks into phone.

“This Tuesday?” Comes the answer.

“She said Tuesday. ”

For the beginning. ..