Heat of the Day

Blazing sun

Oven like breezes

My body profusely sweating

I curse the heat

Much like I curse the cold

Every moment drags by

My charred lungs exhale

A cool rag against my forehead

I think of why I do this

The warmth begs to be relished

The dark blue skies long to be viewed

But the Sun grows larger

It’s heat more intense

Time to turn away

Maybe the back won’t mind

Another fifteen minutes

And I’ll move in




Streamers of rain
Fingers of chilled water
The clouds lower themselves
They carry cold air
Traces of winter left behind
Pellets of ice mix in
The wind drags calender back
Flowers bud waiting for the Sun.
The season of change hasn’t yet.
It’s lack of determination appalling.
I sit unknowing of which God’s to curse.
I let nature run its course.
It’s sloppy track shows a way
But a fear more hills await.
The sun filled fields are distant still.