Unicorn- Three Line Tales 

“Ma’am, we have a report someone is charging to see a dog with horn.” Patrolman Jackson dryly explains.
“I don’t know what you are taking about?” Jenny scratches her head at the thought of where her Great Dane and son are.

“That sign is what I’m taking about,  Ma’am” He replies. 

Written as part of a challenge called Three Line Tales, details are available at https://only100words.xyz/2017/03/02/three-line-tales-week-57/


17 thoughts on “Unicorn- Three Line Tales 

      1. Oh, I had one of those.
        Went around me in two places then long lead to looped handle. All leather, lined with soft stuff where I was strapped in. Funny, hadn’t thought of that in years. Yet, there were no car seats for kids. I slid along the back, or sat in my mother’s lap.
        Now the leashes are virtual.

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      2. I wandered but they figured I could only go so far. Then I got older and found out about airplanes. I guess I wonder in a different way


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