Wordle #103


I await your passionless carcass.  You’ll slink from a shadow.  The vinyl skin holds within a mosaic of hallucinations.  The opia gaze a gateway to nowhere.  I would scald you.  But it would deepen the isolophilia within you.

Use ten or more of twelve words captured in the image above in an original work.   Poem, flash fiction or other.





PHOTO PROMPT © Marie Gail Stratford

Written as part of a challenge called Friday fictioneers, https://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com.

Warm air swirls between the buildings downtown.  Far below cars and trucks battle to get out of here as fast as possible.  A horn blasts.  It echoes across the faces of the towers of concrete and glass.

I look over at my friends Rocky.  He’s ghost white.  Thirty eight floors above the chaos.  It’s a calming feeling, kind of.  I feel bad for him in some ways.  First time stuck on a platform where a cable broke.  With the harnesses you just hung there.  The world around you.  Peaceful.

“Hey, Rocky enjoy the view.  Half hour, tops!   They’ll bring us back up.”  I try to get him to relax.  It doesn’t work.

Quiet Escape

Quiet falls hard to the floor landing next to the scene of the crime.  A knife is the perfect tool to conceal all the noise associated with death.  The perfect tool for exorcising the demonic feelings that suffocated her life.  His blood will be the  water from which she has baptised the new life.

Her naked body hovers over the still figure.  The table lamps paint an sepia tone to the room.  The color of gentle old photos from those gentle times when death came to you.  It wasn’t pleasant.  You didn’t go quietly into the darkness.  You were damn lucky if you did.

The lifeless body creates a black pool on the wooden floor.  Slipping to the right, as if it too wants to live the room without him.  Time slows.  The room is not quite as dark as they are.

Her body still motionless.  She is far closer in shape to the ancient fertility figures than the glamorous movie types that get to walk free.  A kleenex full of tears.  Friendly cops wanting a piece of the grieving woman. 

The clock in her head goes off.  The airport trip.  Tick, tick alibis in time mean precise moves.

She walks around the bed.  Turns off her phone.  She lifts his up.  The screen shot causes her to look at the gruesome picture of the two of them in fake happiness. 

“Honey, I can’t remember if I said goodbye.  I’m so tired.  Have a great trip! Call me when you land.  Love You Kevin.” The text goes away.  She’ll get it at the airport.  First the taxi downstairs waits to show she left before seeing the text.  All clean now.

Banana Berry Almond Smoothie – Day 6


We are running at full speed in Smoothie Land!  The receipes are getting easier because I can understand what the product will look like now.  The process is explained differently in each book or post.  First thing learned after one week of use, blend greens with liquid.  Once the green liquid is smooth add protein or powder supplement.  We now have good looking smoothies!  Well, it helps!
Today’s Mad Scientist List:

One cup Blueberries

One Frozen Banana

One cup Red Grapes

Eight Strawberries (quartered)

Two handful greens (Spinach and Spring Mix)

One and half cups Almond Milk

One Tablespoon Flaxseed Powder

One Tablespoon Chia Seeds ground

First step, take greens and Almond milk and blend smooth.  Add the proteins and blend thirty seconds.  The fruit comes next!  For best look, cut grapes in half.  I’m ok with a little bits in smoothie. As in picture above, strawberries and banana are in chunks.  This all blends in under a minute to a fairly smooth apparence.  This receipe will produce about 35 ounces (1.1 liters).

After several smoothies, I have the following advice.  If you don’t like an ingredient, say Mango.  The Mango Lime Smoothie won’t taste good.  As much as I like to think you can dress up a smoothie to mask things.  Think lipstick on a pig!  It might look slightly better but it’s still the same.  My heartfelt recommendation for first week are Banana Orange, Pineapple Orange, and Banana Coconut.  I can’t rate today’s receipe.  I drink these the next day.  It may change overnight.  They do tend to thicken up in the fridge.  

As far as weight loss, I’m not thinking much has changed.  The pants are a little loose but not much.  We are trying.

New Driveway is Here


When you live in the country things are a little different. Every four years or so the gravel driveway gets washed away or eaten by the ground.  These nice people come and sell you gravel with big trucks.  They actually make several passes to create semi-level surface.  And deploy a big fat three feet (meter wide) rake.  Twenty minutes and $400 later new driveway!


Meanwhile, the chipper got piece stuck on it.  Fortunately, Stripe, resident stray cat, was able to look it over for me.  Despite lending his paw to help, the chipper quit early today. A cat, pry bar and hammer tried to persuade it to work.😞


Joseph Gets Work – Granny Series

Joseph sits in his chair at the table.  Everyday starts the same.  A tiny kitchen.  Three chairs crammed under it.  Half the table is this month’s mail which flows from the opposite toward him.  A bowl of corn flakes is the extent of his world.

The cell phone comes to life.  Jeri from the bar.

“Well, it’s my lucky day” Joseph stares at his phone. “Hello.”

“Joseph, what are you doing right now?” Jeri’s voice is very rushed.

“Babe, I was just waiting to make your day.  How can I do you to you first?  You must have thought about this?”  Joseph  works at his query.

“Get your ass down here!  There’s a job with your name on it.  Tow motor, steady and not much is expected other than showing up.  My brother showed up.  They need someone now.  Get off your sorry ass!”  Jeri hangs up before she hears the response.

“Damn, these women are all carrier bitches.  What the fuck.  I guess I can go.  If it don’t work, they got beer.”  Joseph lights up a cigarette.

He sees the stack of beer cans from last night.  He spies the one that floated to him.  Bobby is one screwed up kid.  Witchcraft in a kid.  He must have drank too much. The little squirt ain’t got nothing in him.  Just like a little Joseph.

Joseph drags himself to the car.  Work isn’t what he wants to do.  But only way to keep the peace.  It better pay well.  It would be great to have a nice fat check.  Throw it down on table…show Cynthia I can bring home the bacon.  She’ll be stunned.  I show her I ain’t no shit loser.

Jeri waits outside the bar.  The grey  pickup he doesn’t recognize.  A big guy waits next to truck.  He’s huge.  Big muscular type.  Coveralls half grease covered.  Bright clean shirt underneath seems out of place.  His five o’clock shadow outlines a rounded hard face.  His eyes sear at whatever is before him.

Joseph  pulls up on the opposite side.  The dude looks scary to him.  His mind races about what kind of boss that man would be.  He might kill him.

Jeri runs over to his car.  “Rick’s gonna take you there.  He’ll take care of you.  Don’t screw this up!  That’s my family!  I’m sticking my neck out for you!”

“Well, honey I like what you stick out of your shirt for me too.  I’ll be best worker he has ever seen.  You got a bonus for me when I’m done..you know something for release all those work day tensions.” Joseph sees something that doesn’t exist.

“Get your ass out of here.  You can get that at home.  Why she wants it from you, ain’t my problem.” Jeri’s voice cuts out as truck next to her rumbles to life.

Joseph cringes as the sound waves penetrate his car.  Rick slams the truck into gear and flies out of parking lot.  Joseph starts the slalom course through back roads and alleys to an old warehouse.

The warehouse is scrap yard indoors.  Everything is old.  Dinosaurs of manufacturing age mixes with sheet metal and rusted chunks.  A tow motor looks like it could be part of the collection, save for the steel can of propane to feed it’s motor.

Rick isn’t happy to stoop to his sister.  The drunk guy employee is trouble.   But he has low end help all the time.  A shot of confidence is what he needs.

“Joseph, Jeri said you can do this.  I hate a fuckin’ drunk.  If you can’t keep up you fuck us both.  I can lift most of it without the tow motor.  So keep that in mind!  You get part of what is sold.  Faster you move, the more your paid.”  Rick’s yells at him.

Rick extends his massive, leather like right paw to shake hands.  His hand shallows Joseph’s.  Pain is first thing that comes to mind.  But feeling is cut off soon.  Rick get holds that hand for a long moment.  His point made in Joseph’s discomfort.

Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 lay below.