Random phone picture


Green Sand Beach

There’s a southern most point everywhere. This is the United States most southern point. Sorry Key West or any other territory, this is Hawaii. Technical there is another place that is part of this area but it isn’t a beach or green. And this is the only completly green beech in the world as well. It’s a 2 1/2 mile braided poor excuse for a road (without 4WD a good awful hour wagon each way). Notice the back of the Jeep and top of the cliff in second picture.

But why go? Its a collapsed volcano crater littered with olivine (peridot to those bigger crystals, birthstone for August). You can see deep blue to turquoise waters. Swim or get beat by 7-10 feet waves. But mostly to see exotic beauty of rugged Hawaii.

Beach Time

Shimmering like million diamonds

Deep rich blues mix with turquoise

Quiet claps of waves fill the air

Smell of salt hovers near

Waiting for sunburnt nose to fill

Tranquility has no clock or pace

It knows the place it ocuppies

Shead the worldly problems for a spell

You only have nothing to gain

And loads of baggage to lose