Rolling with a Breeze

I drift back

Thoughts tumble away

Leaves run chasing Sun

Chills dance in shadows

The change comes quickly

I drift away

Anticipation for color builds

Loothing the warmth leaving

Deep sapphire skies await

Leaves pale ready to change

I drift along

Embracing the crisp

Final flowers bloom brightly

The gentle breezes talk

I roll with them



Golden strands locked in place

They lift my spirit up higher

Upon their web answers lie

Fixed like stars they guide me

Runaway train forcing the story

Puzzles together as never separated

Clarity strikes when most vulnerable

If we think about it, it’s coincidence

If we look back it’s just inspiration

FFAW – Dreary Start

This week’s photo prompt is provided by wildverbs. Thank you wildverbs!

The alarm can not remove the mental cobwebs. I shake myself and reach for caffeine inspired cure. My mood seems to melt into the dreary outside. A surely chill finds my back. This was the day of change I promised myself.

I am too old for sudden change. My mind is circumspect to my desire for new paths. Restlessness seems cozy in this grey slimy day. I stare at the door leading me to that sudden change. It seems further away than normal.

Heroic efforts get me upright.

“I have this in me, I know it. I’ll charge through that door” my pep talk does wonders for my weary soul.

I open the door. The grey spills into my face like a cold wet kiss. My energy tries to crash and burn. I realize I have forgotten to dress accordingly.

We will try this again.

145 words

Distant Shores

Do you hear me calling?

Waves seem desperate for contact

My message has no bottle

Rudderless lies adrift like a raft

I know it’ll get through

Blind faith is my temple

Time my worn thin amulet

I have bound these feelings

Silver threads called expectations

I tell my shadow of the day coming

He laughs at the notion

But I have seen the other side

Beheld in the finest dream

Your face kissed by the Sun

Upon these distant Shores

Time I’ll Never Know

The pause before a sigh

The moment that lingers

Thoughts I wanted to cling

Emotions that should have countered

Snipets of memories

Collections of thoughts

Second hand sweeps them by

Calendar buries them quickly

When the afterglow fades

When the smiles straightens

I search so i’ll know next time

Left grasping sand as it slips away

What once was becomes golden

When is the riddle of the universe

I can remember or so I say

I can not place it in order

Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen

Could of happened, I think

Time is a young man’s game

It gets carried in baskets of hope

We sprinkle it about uncaring

One day we look back

Upon a fleeting path we came

Suddenly the basket has a bottom

We look to replace what was spent

Postcards left as mile markers

Recollections fill in gaps

But the image has lost it’s time

Even my shadow sees the enigma

But I ponder where it went

The time I’ll never know

Misty Morning

Dew thick as hope

Flowers glisten

Gentle rays sharpen

Songs of birds linger

Chasing the last chill

Stirring critters stake claims

Soft voices raise and falls

Hustle and bustle awaken

Still soft light beckons

Fields show their life

As the misty morning ages

passing thought

the way I see

my mind tells me so

My lens is the past

wants and regrets shine

Hopes ask dreams what it means

We condense today

yet explain it through tomorrows

The reason we used is simple

yesterday wasn’t long enough

deep down it matters

I try to avoid it

but like a stone

nothing matters

until we explain it


I used to be weird

Life and it’s square pegs

Against my well rounded thoughts

Age has changed me

Scars are flags won now

I drift subject to subject

Rather than wander aimlessly

Well others saw aimlessly

My horizons changed

My journals filled twice over

The lion’s heart always roars

We just change the pitch

I look upon my younger people

They count in differences

While I count in similarities

However I know they too will change

Weird grows into peculiar

Yet We booth see the other strange

Journeys About

Some journeys start before you do

Hidden paths that belie our feet

Mystical lands of fairy tales

The things we think we seek

Life twists and turns change

Fruits beared upon known vines

Scents of strange flowers guide us

We awake in far different places

They look the same but never are

Trees have moved, sights shifted

Only then do we see a change

We realize the world moved by us

Mountain Whispers

Mountains whisper to me

Their soft low voice

Intertwined with morning mist

Their trees sing with leaves

Distance birds repeat the chorus

Even the wind accompanies

It’s a song of nature and peace

Tranquility that steel and glass lack

My mind discoveries calm

Like a disease spreading like fire

It engulfs who I am

Lighting a path even in daylight

Mountains whisper to me

But you have to wander to hear them