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A first blush these aren’t the ruins you go to visit.   Actually this is what find look like before they are cleaned up and repaired and signed.  The rock outlines and fences spread out across 4 acres here.   There are changes in styles of rooms and positioning with other rooms.  Over four hundred years people lived here.   They used rocks as foundations and covered them with branches or skins and wooden frames.  

In the picture above, the sapling pine sits where a door was.  There is an oval ring where a house stood about 1150 AD toward the end of their stay here. 

It’s on the Houston Mesa Rd off of North Arizona 87.  There’s a weird feeling to the place.  You could spend more time here than you realize. 

Reblog – Gaspard de Besse: Robin Hood of Provence

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Gaspard de Besse, Robin Hood of Provence

Just like Robin Hood, Gaspard de Besse robbed from the rich (who detested him) and gave to the poor (who adored him). But while Robin Hood’s roots are shrouded in mystery, there’s no doubt about the identity of our French outlaw.

Young Gaspard
Gaspard Bouis, later known as Gaspard de Besse, was born February 9, 1757 in Besse-sur-Issole, a small village in the Var region of southern France. His father died one year later, and Gaspard was placed in the care of the local priest. The priest assumed Gaspard would follow his footsteps into a religious life and made sure he had a proper education.

However, Gaspard was a charming, handsome smooth-talker who wasn’t suited to the priestly way of life. At the age of seventeen, he left the small town of Besse and went to Toulon for a taste of the city. It’s in Toulon that he began his…

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​The embodiment of profound

Obfuscation of the message

Panacea to common sense

You unite in dividing

Noble scarecrows bow

Highness of sorts, never reached

Your dias commands quite a view

Reality may never see it that way

Their loss and suffering of ignorance 

If you could impart your ways again

We are dying to hear the cure of our ills 

Only one can dance us to the edge

Into yonder Valley lies paradise

Or is it our grave.

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Buffalo Hunt

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Happy three-lining!

The sun warmed the prairies surrounding the Greasy Grassy River, the bison entered the valley looking for fresh grazing opportunities.  A single scout came down from the ridge hurriedly toward the battle chiefs tipi. 

“Tonight, we light up our tents to show our white brothers we are far too many to attack during game the hunt.”  Crazy Horse smiles knowing Custer is a dead man.



Reblog – How a Portuguese-to-English Phrasebook Became a Cult Comedy Sensation | Atlas Obscura

A writing lesson speaking to the sad truth, it’s not what you want the story to be but what the reader makes of it!


Photo credit : Nonnaci

The radio fails.   We knew it would.  The phones we brought were ploys to make us feel normal.  The large spinning rings passed us through to another place.

The science was clear. It would be another time but the same place. They told us to be back to the landing point after six hours.

That would be fine had we landed. But the wormholes don’t keep time.   We are traveling.   Our useless devices tell us ten hours have pasted.   We were going into the future.   Saving ourselves is never easy. 

Two people harnessed into a sphere.  Disappear in time.  Someday, they will land.  The future doesn’t depend on them just civilization.   Cures are out there, they have always told us that.

Too Big to Fail -Part II

There a circus touring the United States!  It’s the end of the Primary season.  We have that sparkling fall full of Clinton versus Trump sound bites.  But what if I told you why the Capital is so quiet.  There was a time when the American economy tanked because the banks that hold our money gambled with what they didn’t have.

There is a gentleman in Texas named Representative Jeb Hensarling.  He sees your bank is held back from offering you more products for your money.  The problem is the same bank that feels you need to have a down payment for a house, car, any other use for their money, the same bank doesn’t feel they should be held to that standard.  The threshold Frank-Dodd Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is the banks with more than $50 billion must have hard assets to cover $5 billion or 10% of their investments.  

Let’s go back to the house analogy.  If you don’t have enough credit, down payment, or money the bank says no.  You may have to take on extra fees called PMI (principal mortgage insurance).  The large bank that gives you .5% interest on your premium checking, can’t offer better services if they have the same level of investment you need for a house.  That rate is common where I live.  The prospective is inflation has stayed between 2-3%.  You have lost money with them already.  You lost money when the largest bank collapsed and your tax money bailed them out.  The Executives never missed a bonus, lack of money never means breaking contracts with their  employees   Customers  executives.

But the point was the economy is dependent on credit.  Credit builds businesses.  Easy credit means easy, quick growth can happen.  Wrap it in the flag people!  Raise it high on Flag Day. Let’s all sing “Glory, glory, hallelujah!!”  We have allowed the nation to grow by getting rid of extra, wasteful legislation.

Sorry, we have been playing with Trickle Down Economics for 35 years!  Their are less jobs that produce durable goods (things we can sell).  Their are greater debt to college students because we have increased education through tax cuts.  Their are greater CEO salaries and bonuses going to fewer executives as mergers have made mega companies.  The banks are worried about money invest.  It won’t lower your interest rates!  It won’t create any more full time jobs than it has created the last time legislation was passed!  

If you like your bank needing to play by the same rules as you have to, then read about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  It was created to observe the banks large enough “not to fail” actually cover their assets.  Read about Frank Dodd act. Call, email, tweet, text your local representative, if you are in US.  Tell them where you are on this.  They actually pay people to listen to you.  Money talks in donors.  But their voter contacts are limited.  You represent several hundred others when you contact them.

Take back your country, it is yours.

Mark stepping off the soapbox for now.  Time for happy reflections