Tea for Two

“I don’t get it?! She up in left.” Marty’s hand shakes the phone. “We just got here. i took her to Reading the Tea Leaves, just like you said. Seriously, Darla what kind of freak did you set me up with?”

The phone starts quiet for too long.  

“Ok, she loves the place.  What else happened? She goes there every week. What did you say?  or do?” Darla half asks 

“We ordered and say down.   I put down the little table flag with 19 on it….” Marty doesn’t get to finish.

“Nonadecaphobia. I should have told you. Sorry, she doesn’t do well with signs.   You know how it is.” Darla explains. 

“No. No, I don’t.” Marty hangs up

You’ll Fry

“You’ll fry!” Burger shrilly screams. 

The crowd jeers.  Frantic spectators mix anxiety and anticipation.  

Sizzles and pops fill the air as the burning starts.  Trapped in a basket as the world goes black. 

These are the final moments of a French fry 
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My favorite 

How you misspell you(ouu) 

I marvel that my depth 

Subjects the world needs 

I pine to fulfill your quest  

knowledge and 

Through that blue 

The world is ours to save

I defy anyone seeing different 

You bring madness to 

Those who don’t want 

To have more followers 

To be drowned in 

If not but to use your help 

My heart skips at the thought 

Imagine the possibilities….

Unicorn- Three Line Tales 

“Ma’am, we have a report someone is charging to see a dog with horn.” Patrolman Jackson dryly explains.
“I don’t know what you are taking about?” Jenny scratches her head at the thought of where her Great Dane and son are.

“That sign is what I’m taking about,  Ma’am” He replies. 

Written as part of a challenge called Three Line Tales, details are available at https://only100words.xyz/2017/03/02/three-line-tales-week-57/


FFAW- Calf Training

“Bessie has been here for three weeks. She can read quite get passed the Roadside test. Any ideas?” Cory pulls down the bill of his ball cap.  His gaze locked on his baby that won’t leave. 

“Ok.  We get the tractor over here.  I’ll put some straw on the front of it.  I’ll go really close so she sees the straw.  And she will follow me with her head.” Craig gets all bright eyed.  His hands take flight as he shows the tractor and the cow moving.

“That’s the stupidest idea ever…..” Cory snaps his head sideways toward his friend. “But everything else failed.”

Cory stands cross armed watching. An old tractor grumbles.  Bessie looks at the noise.  As it gets closer, she moves toward the fence.  The tractor stats about 12 feet away.   Bessie turns her head to watch it go by.

“Go back and do that again! You got her to do it.”  Cory yells at Craig.

Craig takes a big swing around.  Her head follows.  Her drives by again.

Bessie has learned to watch traffic.

Written as part of a challenge called Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers for details, https://flashfictionforaspiringwriters.wordpress.com/2017/02/27/fffaw-challenge-week-of-february-28-2017/

Optimistic News… Alternate facts

The cockroaches are happy about the new administration…

<a href=”http://www.theonion.com/article/cockroaches-feeling-very-optimistic-about-future-p-55154?utm_content=Main&amp;utm_campaign=SF&amp;utm_source=Twitter&amp;utm_medium=SocialMarketing”>http://www.theonion.com/article/cockroaches-feeling-very-optimistic-about-future-p-55154?utm_content=Main&amp;utm_campaign=SF&amp;utm_source=Twitter&amp;utm_medium=SocialMarketing</a&gt;

Not So Pleasant Surprise

“I have a surprise for you.”  Derrick looks across the tiny wooden table crammed into their studio.  ” Pack a bag.  I’m taking you fit a quick three day trip.”

“Uh, what do you mean,  a quick the day trip? Where?” Sylvia’s face is all about excited at the thought. “It’s not that easy for me.   Do I need a heavy coat?  Is there dancing and a dinner at a really nice place involved?  Am I supposed to pack jeans and a tshirt?   You can’t expect me to just drop everything without sobe idea of what I’m doing.”

Derrick drops his coffee back to the table.   His mind knows why he didn’t do this very often.  

“It’s a cruise.   Nothing fancy.   One Captain’s dinner.   A day shipping on a city by the docks.  Picturesque bazaar toe thing,  I think.   Anyway,  I wanted to do something special.   So,  get ready.   We leave in a couple hours,  ok? ” He smiles. 

“Hours?  Are you kidding me?!  You know I needed new heels for the black dress.  They got wet on your last great idea. Suede didn’t come from ducks….. It better be a nice boat.” Sylvia keeps her half angry face as she gets up from the table.

“You’ll like it.   It’s a smaller boat.   We stay in a nice place.  Look at the picture on the brochure!”  He slowly realizes his words aren’t being heard. 
Written as part of a challenge called Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, details are available at  https://flashfictionforaspiringwriters.wordpress.com/2017/01/09/fffaw-challenge-week-of-january-10-2017/