FFAW – Not Anymore

This week’s photo prompt is provided by shivamt25.

“I am not a coffee drinker anymore! Remember” Mia states as she places her sunglasses across the coffee mug.

“Ok… why did you want to meet here?” Myles looks puzzled

“Coffee is plantation stuff. Horrible labor conditions and chemicals.” Mia thumbs at her phone “Can’t believe anyone drinks the stuff”

“And we are here because…” Myles tries again.

“The Danish are to die for.” Mia talks at the phone.

“GMO’s in the wheat and corn. Hormones in the beef. You know that.” Myles contests ” There’s a reason we never go out to eat anymore.”

96 words


Keep Off the Grass

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Dorothy. Thank you!

“Boys, WHAT does the Sign say!” Glenda smiles at her transgressers.

Two boys halt as if caught in a spider’s web. They hop off the tandom bike together.

“Ugh. We just live over there. We always cut through here.” Joshua looks back at his younger brother.

“There’s a path. You make that by going over and over my lawn!” Glenda puts her right hand on her hip. Her left hand circles around the boys.

Slowly the boys leave the ground.

“I can keep you off the lawn in more than one way. Allow me to show you the only nice way!” Glenda cackles in laughter.

“Joshua! Let’s get out of here!” Thomas spinning his arms thinking of he flies like a bird it may help.

“Just let’s us go, please!” Joshua shakes as he sees what she had done to them. “We won’t ever did it again. Promise!”

“I know you will only be able to do it once more!” Glenda moves her right hand upward toward the left. She makes a line with hands moving opposite directions. ” I know.”

The boys fall Earthward. They jump on the bike never to be seen hete again.

187 words

Written as part of a challenge called Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writers, details available at https://flashfictionforaspiringwriters.wordpress.com/2017/08/07/fffaw-challenge-week-of-august-8-2017/


three line tales week 75: two bicycles in front of the ocean

photo by Meghan Yabsley on Unsplash
The two bikes peel decades from my life to when summer was an endless break.
Right here was where the obsession of Jenny started.
She smiled and took over her shirt and jumped into the water, it took me a minute to figure out to follow her. 

Eden Revisited – FfAW

His forked tongue flicks.  Tasting the world.  Looking down upon the many people scattering about like giant ants in concrete and glass hills.

“Look up young man!” Satan:s voice softly sings striking ears like lightning.

“Whoa! You’re a snake! It’s a talking snake! I got to post this.” Reuben snaps a pic. His thumbs open and create viral thread instantly.

“Reuben.  I’ll give you the most beautiful woman. You’ll live like a king.  Just did my bidding. What do you say?” Satan smiles his reptilian best “You know a million followers too!”

“I have 120k now.  60 likes on your pic alone. ” Reuben stares at the screen in his hand.  “There’s a new phone out.  I really don’t want to keep using this 6 month old phone.” 

Satan watches his victim walk off. 

“I thinking that Steve guy was my best find yet.’ Satan snaps his tail and looks for another garden.

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Kecia Spartin. Thank you Kecia!

Written as part of a challenge calledFlash Fictionfor the Aspiring Writer, detailsavailable at https://flashfictionforaspiringwriters.wordpress.com/2017/07/03/fffaw-challenge-week-of-july-4-2017-2/

Trojan Horses 

John Proud sits on the porch.  His eyes lock on the SUV and the family spilling out.  

“Dad, the devil. It would be so cool.” little Frankie waves frantically.

“That’s stupid!  An alien. Yeah, we would be the coolest house ever.” Ronnie pulls back her hair and checks to see is anyone else is there. 

“Here’s the black bear you wanted, honey” Dad points the waist high critter.

“We can’t afford $350 for a wooden bear!” Mom rolls her eyes at the audacity of someone charging that price.

“There is a spirit within them.  You place one of these at your home. Never worry.  Defend from everything.” John revels himself from the shadows. His smile and cowboy hat seem hard to hide.

“Go on.” Dad smiles like he is watching an act.

“The bear will scratch and claw an object of anyone who does wrong on your land.” John scratches at the air.

“The alien will remove them.” John looks to the sky

“What about the devil?” Dad asks.

“Thats the divorce special” John looks at Mom. “Hell hath no fury”

Written as part of a challenge called Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Wrier. Details available at https://flashfictionforaspiringwriters.wordpress.com/2017/06/26/fffaw-challenge-week-of-june-27-2017/

Tea for Two

“I don’t get it?! She up in left.” Marty’s hand shakes the phone. “We just got here. i took her to Reading the Tea Leaves, just like you said. Seriously, Darla what kind of freak did you set me up with?”

The phone starts quiet for too long.  

“Ok, she loves the place.  What else happened? She goes there every week. What did you say?  or do?” Darla half asks 

“We ordered and say down.   I put down the little table flag with 19 on it….” Marty doesn’t get to finish.

“Nonadecaphobia. I should have told you. Sorry, she doesn’t do well with signs.   You know how it is.” Darla explains. 

“No. No, I don’t.” Marty hangs up

You’ll Fry

“You’ll fry!” Burger shrilly screams. 

The crowd jeers.  Frantic spectators mix anxiety and anticipation.  

Sizzles and pops fill the air as the burning starts.  Trapped in a basket as the world goes black. 

These are the final moments of a French fry 
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My favorite 

How you misspell you(ouu) 

I marvel that my depth 

Subjects the world needs 

I pine to fulfill your quest  

knowledge and 

Through that blue 

The world is ours to save

I defy anyone seeing different 

You bring madness to 

Those who don’t want 

To have more followers 

To be drowned in 

If not but to use your help 

My heart skips at the thought 

Imagine the possibilities….

Unicorn- Three Line Tales 

“Ma’am, we have a report someone is charging to see a dog with horn.” Patrolman Jackson dryly explains.
“I don’t know what you are taking about?” Jenny scratches her head at the thought of where her Great Dane and son are.

“That sign is what I’m taking about,  Ma’am” He replies. 

Written as part of a challenge called Three Line Tales, details are available at https://only100words.xyz/2017/03/02/three-line-tales-week-57/