Twisting in the Wind

Twisting in the wind

The storm gathered her fury

Like a kite, I sail forth

Control is an illusionary blip

Skies race white, black and grey

Monochrome kaleidoscope paints air

Bent down by immense pressure

Swooming is half surrendering

Wishing to gaze backward lost now

As if an orginal point breed the storm

Omnipresence seems her calling card

My unlikely ally shelter has fled

It took to the signs of doom quicker

Maybe next so will I

Until then, I wait for mercy


The Wolf

A wolf walked past my street

Shimmering moon light its coat

Lost stars beaming from it’s eyes

Its heavy grace weighed me down

I know not for whom it comes

My soul prays for itself then others

The wolf walks down my street

It shimmers moonlight about it

Stars blaze where eyes wish to see

I know whom it seeks out

There is little grace among it

There only seems ghosts of that soul

A wolf was lured to my street

It shimmers within the moonlight

Turning Wheel

The moment comes back

Did it ever really move on?

Rolling forward cutting a path

Sometimes it leads to yesterday

Feeling of just spinning in place

But intuitively I feel it turning

Carrying me to a distant place

If I had left carrion or two

I could return by my own wish

Instead I return by lack of planning

The wheel turns slow when watching

Which never really moves anywhere


Anticipation gnawls at my soul

Pause between flash and thunder

Hairs jumping at my neck

My eyes widen, breath deepens

I recall everything and nothing

I ride the burning, racing pulse

Thoughts tear at reality’s grasp

One does not control one’s self

When I let go, I feed my needs

Chains of control should stay barren

My thoughts free to roam

Within those deep forests that

We whisper about anticipation