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My hands mold clay

The more it moves

The less it calms

Like distance breezes

Believing stirs tiny change

Calmness comes from inspiration

Exhaustion slows the mind

Acceptance is the dream

Inside we build fortresses

Perhaps one day it’ll come

Serenity seldom climbs walls

It is the clay we mold

The ball we smash

Over and over again

The Dream

I awoke changed

I knew my neighbor

My day was measured in events

Instant meant shortly

I waited for news

It didn’t always agree with me

People said hello

There wasn’t rude in your face

We talked to strangers

I didn’t label you for disagreeing

Open hostility was frowned upon

Children ran free range

No danger from unseen menace

It was called safe and free

It was my youth restored

Someday was flying cars

They never warned us of the past

Just promise of tomorrow

My how we changed


I sweep up shards of yesterday

But if reflection stares wispy back

Thoughts and dreams lie still

Troubles and torments mix between

Their eyes still shiny and clear

Dustbin vanishes wiping the slate

Clean and new today breaks

Yearning dawn white washes all

Forgetfulness the savior comes back

Momentous cleanse fills the void

Yesterday distant place now

Deep breath starts the cycle new

The blanket of present lies before me

The other side

Peering through the gate

Deeper greens, darker blues beckon

Sunshine erases the grey clouds

Breezes warm from a distance

Feelings create longing need to be

The difference a few feet make

My soul cries to climb over there

To know the life in Sunshine

Breathing air that lightens spirits

I can taste the freedom of other side

My bones cry for muscles to move

But somehow I stay waiting

For the invitation to arrive

Or guys to crash this party