Random phone picture



Somewhere in the distance

Thoughts hide from today

Warmed by a far off Sun

Chilled by mountain breeze

They tantalize with shadows

Torment with faint smells

Messages in braille to the sighted

Enigma are their names

Like a memory they fade

FFAW – Interesting Display

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Yarnspinnerr. Thank you Yarnspinnerr

“None of them match?!” Joseph whispers to Joan.

She scans the rainbow display unfettered.

“The sizes aren’t even together.” Joseph continues.

She homes in a few different ones.

“I mean… This bizarre has all kinds stores.” His voice wavers. “I don’t get why we are here.”

She grabs two golden sandals from from different display boards.

“Are you even listening!” He looks at the side of her smiling face.

“The guy behind the counter is blind but not deaf.” She smiles the married woman smile that translates he is not with me.

92 words

Sunday Whirl – Sudden End

The sliver of chain shines. Her face wears disdain by design, while the rest of her dresses to the nines. Secretly, some feign shock but jealousy trains some for the crime afoot.

“My god.. ..she’s not breathing!” Someone tells. The reception grinds to a halt.

Rolling with a Breeze

I drift back

Thoughts tumble away

Leaves run chasing Sun

Chills dance in shadows

The change comes quickly

I drift away

Anticipation for color builds

Loothing the warmth leaving

Deep sapphire skies await

Leaves pale ready to change

I drift along

Embracing the crisp

Final flowers bloom brightly

The gentle breezes talk

I roll with them


Golden strands locked in place

They lift my spirit up higher

Upon their web answers lie

Fixed like stars they guide me

Runaway train forcing the story

Puzzles together as never separated

Clarity strikes when most vulnerable

If we think about it, it’s coincidence

If we look back it’s just inspiration