A Dance

The cold chill of the morning.

Light prying at the edge of darkness.

The moon in crescent hides it’s face.

Venus blazes low failing to hide  at tree top.

She races up in the sky.

The pale yellow of Saturn glows.

He has been calling her to join him.

Her slow graceful moves brings her close.

Her pace is deliberate, her steps measured.

She is the brightest in the sky.

He waits with rings open, like a monochrome peacock.

For a brief dance they will almost touch.

Their light a glancing merge for a day, no more.

The rare dance in heavens above a waking Earth.
Photo Credit Rob Sparks(@halfAstro) original posting on Universe Today

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Reblog – Celestrial Ghouls for Halloween?

Seriously, Orion moonlighting as a Celestrial ghoul!  Ok the moon, waning from full, will be by Orion’s outstretched arm.  Meaning the headless hunter!  He would have slain the horse anyway…

GlobalWarming Mass Murdering Mosquitoes?! reblog

I saw a post about mosquito killing  caribou in the artic.


Reblog -Pluto In Best Pics Ever

Coming every Friday for the next year, big bold little dwarf Pluto.  Icy flows, black dunes, craters, details details, details.  There’s a bonus shot of Charon.  It’s crazy but before this year there was a thought it was round.

New Pluto Images Show Possible Dunes, Crepuscular Rays, Unimaginable Complexity

Reblog Ceres’ mysterious pyramid

Name the second planet wuth a complete 3D map.  Ok first dwarf planet.  Ceres (largest rock in asteroid belt) has a butte!  Just like a Monument Valley extra, just not red…  see pic here.

Ceres’ “Pyramid” Gets a Closer Look, But Bright Spots Remain a Mystery

The Edge of the Universe

The new moon squeezed the light from the night sky.  From a murky twilight, individual stars blinked into view.  Patterns emerge from a purple black sky.  Minutes transform them into larger than life pictures.  Across the sky, the edge of the Milky Way glows.  It’s soft reassuring little, the cosmic nightlight man has always known.

Small stars begin to dance.  A gentle breeze swirls from the desert floor.  Xavier stands on bluff.  The universe splits the sky.  The objects swing across the sky in prefect formation.  They sense him.  Her stares toward the sky. He feels them.  He wants to run.  He can’t.  He is beginning to realize he never could.

His body rises above the ground.  Back arched, arms extended outward set like soaring wings.  His feet flex trying to feel the ground.  His fixed eyes don’t see the blue light that bathes him.  Through the light comes the grey man.  Behind him two more shadows come into view. 

 The grey man touches his chest.  He turns like a knob on a stove.  A vibration slowly forms around him.  A chest expanding and falling is the only movement.  Colors flash under his skin.  From the point of contact down the legs and across the arms the sparks race outward.  A faint smell of electricity wafts above the bluff.

Xavier shakes.  The cold of the night brings him to.  The sky has shifted.  As if crawling into their beds the stars fade.  A warm glow stretches for the horizon.  

How many times has this happened?

Reblog – Video Tour of Ceres

How about a video tour of another world?  Ceres was the original eighth planet.  Stripped of planetary status long before Pluto was found.

Mysterious Bright Spots and Pyramidal Mountain Star in Dawn’s Daunting Flyover of Ceres: Video