in dreams, I walk

A house with no lights

grey windows make rooms open

light hides along doors

shadows lay still

sleeping, resting

I plod a course

the familiar surrounds

there is no recognition

I’m a stranger

lost in parallel world

sounds become louder

echoes reaching back to me

I would be lost in my home

save noone to find me

as I search for a way

I avoid the light as well



My mind peers out 

Charred landscape of misery

Plains of indecision surround

I’ve pitch your battle 

Watched while you bitches

Waited to see the action called

You say it’s different

Noone knows how hard you try 

Ghosts of action dance in your eye

You call it renewal

Sense of life stirring within

Hope chiming down from above

My frustration at you builds 

There is nothing but wounds held

There are no dreams planted here

The only renewal is your pain 

Your burnt passion grows nothing

Isolation is a ward to prevent dying

Tomorrow is dark and cold

Yesterday was the darkness you fed it

Renewal is fresh hope and belief

The very things lacking within you

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Unre’mark’able Reunion 

The cue fur the week…”Mark Twain or what Mark?”

She looks at me, then through me,  finally past me.

“The reports of my death have been grossly exaggerated.”  I respond to the question of what has happened to me not asked yet.  

The reaction to my surprise return is not as pleasent as I hoped. 

She looks away.and let’s the words slip  “You are what almost killed me, but it made me stronger.”

“All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence.” I have lost the vibe I came here with.   “You are well represented.”


<a href=””>Retreat</a&gt;

My heart is a free thread

Dangling from your tapestry

Feather cast against concrete

Your claws scuttle along glass

Clutching at wings longing at freedom

Two seasons mixing in storms 

Opposites in everything 

Locked in swirling mess

When I see you approach

You wonder at my retreat

Once the moth knows the flame 

Everything changes