Poem: Free Verse – “Words of Quality”


Hidden under twilight, and taken away by pain,
A poetess writes a secret verse, to keep her mind sane.
There is a give and take when you write,
If you want to be known you must write right.
Words, the ones they tell you to say,
Transform your idea and see it this way.
It isn’t merely learning but some of it is,
Gain knowledge from the masters, the point of it this:
Improve your own skills, be sharp and clever.
Be metaphoric, transformational, never to sever —
The lines of prose and poetics, taking their turns.
Becomes income a writer seeks to spend and earn.
Maybe you want to be famous and maybe you’ve too many words?
To share with a wider audience; your soul to be heard.
I’m no expert, I’m struggling to water what’s grown.
Always dealing with the pressures of the life I’ve sewn.
And for you all I pray for happiness, for the glory of fame,
But all the lights, shiny bright and parties, aren’t the same.
They’re not home; they’re not the inspiration of the dream,
Keep on plodding through the muck; each day leans–
Upon the day before, deadlines and keeping score.
Did you like the words I wrote or maybe they were written poor?
What is the image revealed alone in your mind?
Did you read the words, you hoped you’d find?
Words and letters, scripted by an unknown girl, ,
A little blond girl, big grey-blue eyes, giving a twirl.
Fighting all the harder, to meet the challenge faced,
She floats around in clouds of fog, dripping words erased.
Imperfect words will never do, keep on forming the verse,
Careful not to be too terse;
Be descriptive and let the story happen.
Let the characters say what they will; words as lines on a map.
Leading to a final piece, the poetess must leave,
Let it be how it is as she picks the threads she weaves.

Find the place of blessedness and tranquility,
A day of bliss with loved ones; a beach and sun to enjoy a moments quality.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.

Guest post graciously done by Mandibelle.


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