Hawaiian Souvenir 


There is a traditional form of art in all cultures.  The Polynesian culture makes drawings on bark paper.  They also have bark apparel.  Which being sold this handmade artwork by a Hawaiian in a bark traditional wrap was a different.  However, a hand crafted piece of work is special to the island.

Each symbol has meaning.  The manta rays which I picked to celebrate a night snorkel drive with them made an interesting study.  The manta rays are peaceful creatures that emanate tranquility.  The female warrior is a strength motif symbolizing the strength to protect the villages while the men were at battle.  The sea turtles represent the closeness of family.  The waves show the sea symbolizing life.   The overprint of the sun displays life and warmth.  Travelers under its rays, head out and from the island.

A special picture with island tranquility.  Inside each Ray are a series of repeating glyphs.  They do hold meanings.  But the designer shared parts not the whole.  The interesting part is after purchasing it, he requested a picture be emailed to give description and allow for an opportunity for making others.  

Some of the details look better upside down