Sunday Whirl – Waiting for the Other Shoe

A small cringe closes upon me. Like a wild wolf cajoling me, your practice of heaping praise seems more than kind. My eyes close to hide the blight called twisted love.


FFAW – Home Fires

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Enisa. Thank you Enisa!

Allen stirs at the embers of the fire. The flames have grown weary, flickering hesitantly and disappear. The heat still reaches out on long fingers alternating with touches of chill. Undeterred, he fans at them to coax a little more life. Tiny ashen flurries dance around him barely visible in the night.

His face shows the taste of desperation. Lines set about his eyes seem to catch every shadow the palid glow can forge. The conflict of knowing the coldness of tomorrow’s ash and hopes that the flames return fight out within his head. The only response is continuous stirring.

“Seriously, you’re making any chance of talking impossible!” Allen tries to break through the hard exterior of his enraged wife you no avail.

Yet still he stirs the embers going the fire returns.

132 words

FFAW – Little Note of Contention

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Goroyboy. Thank you Raymon!

“You haven’t heard a word I’ve said. Have you?!” The words swim in my head.

My eyes fishing for the source, catch my wife’s unpleasant scowl.

“Yes, I heard you the first time. I’ll get to it as soon as I finish what I’m doing.” My voice responses with little impute from me. I’m totally clueless of what the emergency currently is.

“It better get done!” She still has a snarl that would make a junkyard dog cower on. “You should write down the things that need done around here! How many times do I have to say it over and over and over again!”

I pull out a stack of post-it notes. I sigh and write down ‘make a list’.

It has become quite. I look up to see her walk over to read my note.

“Funny! That’s really funny mister!” She storms off stomping her feet.

148 words


Sunday Whirl – The Music Lesson

Defenseless teeth feel like they are abut to shatter. The crescendo of the trumpet playing shrill excuse for the right note brings blood to the edges of my ears. Birds rattled by the electrifying noise bare their tail feathers leaving for land of milk and honey. The gravity of lack of talent starts to weight against the monetary gain.


FFAW – Day Dream

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Enisa. Thank you Enisa for our prompt!

The quiet water calls. Cool to the touch. The lazy stream calls. Its water caresses, draining away stress and worry. Surrendering isn’t an option.

A cataract calls from down stream. It tells takes of the water speeding up and jumping down unseen heights. The sound plays with my mind. I can feel the misty air rising. I imagine ferns and wildflowers reading fron the banks to receive its kiss. Rainbows ethereal in the sunbeams play hide and seek above.

Distant birds sing. Probably calling out to others to join them.

A blaring horn rattles me.

The same white truck is stuck in front of me. Four lanes dead stopped. Every once in awhile, we rush 200 feet to stop and wait some more. I think of waving back to the idiot with the horn. But I’m going to be with him for a bit longer.

Why do I live in the city anyway?

141 words



Almost has a sister named if. The pair of little monsters run around teasing the world. As only the six to eight year old can understand, they mean not the harm they cause.

They play tag with the unsuspecting. A glimpse of her curling hair, maybe a thought of what color his ball cap was remains with you. Your thoughts jump the rail like a commuter train on the evening news. You are left bewildered to what happened. But as it was nothing really. It disappears into ether.

If has a brother, and he’s right outside your door. The chill of a sudden breeze. The flash of light off in the distance. He’s there waiting. And you can think about what it was… Almost


Photo Challenge – Queen of Hearts


Photo Credit– Jeff Simpson

The echoes of heartbeats stir the raven. His black beak pulls at the gauze fabric covering the hand upon which he perches. Like many others before, the raven looks for clues her majesty is still alive.

Vanessa, queen of her nothingness, poses as a still life of self-induced rigidity. She knows of her great artistic skills. The void of her unfilled tales has crafted the masterpiece of loneliness. Not for lack of trying, but for lack of worthy finds.

“Begone! You vile clutch of feathers and carrion!” Vanessa moves her raised arm away from the raven. “A perch! You use me like they all do!”


Wordle – Christmas Spirit

Bonus X-Mas 2

1. Morii- The desire to capture a fleeting experience.
2. Drop
3. Florid- reddish, rosy, ruddy, excessively ornate, flowery, showy
4. Tussle
5. Ribbon
6. Song
7. Preparation
8. Dawn
9. Solstice
10. Poinsettia
11. Perforate
12. Wine

This is your second holiday Wordle list!
Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem
The words can appear in an alternate form
Use the words in any order that you like.
Tag: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and Wordle

“I raise a glass of wine. May the dawn drop florid ribbons of promise. As much as I thought preparation could prevent tussles, the song remains the same.” My voice catches everyone of I’mguard. “Merry Christmas, our solstice celebration. Complete with poinsettias, but a Morii that will pass to memory.”

A bunch of faces look back. Silence perforates the gathering. An old ideal of peace always needs translated. The true test of mankind is when the second nature comes first.


FFAW – Where are They Now?

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Yinglan Z. Thank you Yinglan for our prompt!

“Where did they keep the live ones?” Cindy innocently questions.

“They all died off 65 million years ago.” Her dad looks over the sign next to the T-tex.

“How does every museum have one?” Cindy looks at the model “All those bones. No, they have whole islands with them.”

“Cindy. You really think they can hide an island of giant dinosaurs.” Her dad looks at her wondering about these crazy thoughts. “How would you even feed them?”

“People. They are everywhere.” Cindy looks dead at her stunned father. “And when they get sick and die..”

“Where did you get this idea from?” Her dad asks with hands planted on his hips.

“Mom. She says people disappear everyday.” Cindy smiles “They find things that living but look like fossils all the time.”

“An asteroid buried everything.” Her dad starts to explain.

“You believe to easy, Dad.” Cindy replies.

149 words


Sunday Whirl – Caught in a Web

“Tina?” I question her feigning shock.

The word like a shard of broken glass on the tongue. Slippery, like the truth, time chains me to the moment. My mind runs for greener grass. But the screen I use for reason, fails to catch what I need to escape.