Black Magic Women Tales Weaver #74

My gris gris bag rests between my fingers.  I picture the face.  I hang a smile on my face. Time ticks away pieces of life.  Visions of perfection in his life, melt like wax trickling from its candle.  It is justice.  It is vengeance. Heart ripping for heart ripping.

The price is forgotten long afterwards. I forged a chain of misery.  I dragged it, creating furrows.  The black vines reaching get out to strangle what ever they touch.  I preyed to every demon, devil, banshee, wraith.  If its dark, the welcome mat was out.

The shadows parted.  Like a flashlight splitting the night, their she was. Her angles were sleek, elongated reaching the edges I dare not think of.  But I welcomed her into my world.  My essence would bring my redemption.   The embrace of ice burnt through my soul.  The darkling that consummated the deal will return to me.

There would be holes nothing could fill again, but I would share that with her new man.  I would know what consumed the Sun.  He will know madness instead.  The Black Magic Woman told me so.



Drill in the Knee


Here at Uncharted we always welcome the guest with a random cue. This week is no different. Straight to you from Red Neck Latte Ravings, is the cue word DRILL.

And I believe most of you know said drill
Six sentences no more no less
Use the cue word in any fashion you like
Write in any genre that tickles your fancy
Link up your little piece of genius and hop around to read a few more
Make sure you have fun in the process

It was the knee.  The feeling of sheer terror was burnt into my soul as paralysis set in.  I knew struggling to try to stand was foolish but you were waiting to leave the door open.  The sliding feeling that hope would drain like blood. I can always hear a drill.  I remember your hand pushing it into my knee from behind.

Tourist Season


Locusts that devour.
Choking the ways
Life grinds to halt.
Bodies,everchanging bodies
Pile in to the stores
People and more people
Restaurants bulge full
Buffets of slop turn over
Legions of parasites
Strip away the scenery
Glistening cars rob nature
Noise drowned nature
The lull of the sea
Hidden from the world.
Places to see, and post
Tshirt, postcards, Nick knacks
Scenery unseen
Soul of place missed
Shot glasses, check


Wordle #115 Cold Ash


1. Smash

2. Tiresome

3. Perfidy (deliberate breach of faith or trust; faithlessness; treachery)

4. Corner

5. Phallus (an image of the male reproductive organ, especially that carried in procession in ancient festivals of Dionysus, or Bacchus, symbolizing the generative power in nature. Anatomy. the penis, the clitoris, or the sexually undifferentiated embryonic organ out of which either of these develops.)

6. Deface

7. Familiar

8. Sediment

9. Heartrending

10. Occupy

11. Rakefire (A visitor who outstays his or her welcome. Originally, someone who stays so late the dying coals in the fireplace would need to be raked over just to keep it burning.)


Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem

The words can appear in an alternate form

Use the words in any order that you like.

Tag: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and Wordle

Rancid league occupies your tiresome form.  The chance to smash every corner your perfidy gives me hope.  Im rakefire clinging in the shadows and ash..  A familiar sediment fuels the rage to deface the heartrending letters that spell your name.  I remain the phallus relic of a long lost ceremony.