Open Casket

Written as part of a challenge called Three Line Tales,

My position no longer upright.   I state at the technicolor sky and the hole of humanity from which I sank. A million souls to help lift me back up and noone is here to see my own casket. 

14 thoughts on “Open Casket

      1. It’s now or never. I like to think it’s better to jump and hope to fly, then watch the birds and wonder. It’s a huge gamble but the payout is crazy good. Mountains in Arizona and three hours to the Grand Canyon, or four and a half hours to Las Vegas. I will be nervous until the housing thing is settled. But a bad house in a great spot, is still awesome


      2. I agree! A bad house in a good place is better than a good house in bad place! Think of all the hiking you can do in the fall, winter and spring by driving only a few hours! Oh, and lots of things to photograph!

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      3. I’m hooked already. I can’t get my boss to cuss me out. These people have the nerve to say we will work with you. If you need an extra data or week let us know. You have a big move coming. I realize either it’s a trick, it they are crazy. Either way, I’m in a better place


      4. I just sent six emails saying I’ll be there Monday thru Wednesday to look at things. I’m trying to stay out of apartment. Four acres to two hundred on an acre would be tough


      5. Two hundred people living in one acre. Like an apartment or condo cluster. I’m thinking that will be biggest adjustment. Because I’ll be between two long mountains and compared to here it will seem like an endless horizon. But I have no one within a hundred feet where I live now. I can’t see a mile unless it’s down the middle of the street. We are flatland here


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