The Demons Take the Split

If you like to gamble, I tell you I’m your man,
You win some, lose some, it’s all the same to me,
The pleasure is to play, makes no difference what you say,
I don’t share your greed, the only card I need is
The Ace Of Spades

“The Ace of Spades” by


The wedding party dances through time.  Everything was prefect.  The family was fantastic.  No crazy stories about her or my psycho relates.  The pile of gifts makes the front door an obstacle course.  Music blares.  Overdressed people still hustle through the reception.  We had a hour between events.

Chloe had danced with everyone at least once.   I did what was required.  I watched the crowd.   I smiled as not to be moody.   But the thought of what the hell did I do, swims in my veins.  I’m safe.  So is living in a bubble.

Dwight changed into jeans and a t-shirt embossed with a tux pattern.  His pole bean frame makes him look taller than six foot.  His eyes size up the ladies.  Our eyes follow the same pattern.  I want to laugh.   I’m starting at the same ones.   We linger on different ones.  But start at Hanna each time. 

In my arms, the bridesmaid makes the traditional dance slow death.   I long to sink my teeth at the base of that neck.  I was there one too many times.  She broke away to tease me a bit then comes back.

“She is good for you.   I’m a flame, hold me, and I’ll burn your hand.  Hold me down, I’ll burn down everything.   You need stable.  I can give you something else.   It’s yours one piece at a time.”  Hanna whispers into my ear near the end of the song.

The blue dress is a blur as she dances.  She could stop time in that dress.  I wonder about those stolen moments offered.

I’m half terrified.  I remember what she is.   Some parts remember better than others.  I hoping noone was watching.  But I know they were.  

Chloe, my blushing bride, comes back to steal me away.   Her all in good fun move, will be a necessity.  I giggle with Chloe.  It’s self defense.  She’s prefect.  Simple, caring, always worried about others.  She could make a great wife.   But I know how safe it is.   I could see two, three, four kids all crowded around us for the family picture.   But the tan rooms in the white house with the picket fence and two minivans…..

“I think I’m gonna take a quick run through the parking lot.  Want to sneak away for a couple minutes?” I talk like a man desperate to break his chain of thought.

“Silly, but cute.   It’s our party.   We both can’t go out.   They’ll send a kid to find us.   I don’t want to explain the handcuffs to a six year old!  But don’t make me miss you!   Five minutes! Mister!”  Chloe smiles.  She knows I hate crowds.   She will entertain the crowd of family.

I open the doors away from the hall.  The lot is full of cars, SUV’S and minivans. The summer night air stirs.  Humidity moves place to place.  A broken sky of clouds play peekaboo with the first quarter moon. 

I cross the long narrow lot.   A solitary picnic table calls me.  It has a voice.  The demon’s tone is unnerving because it’s smooth.  It’s texture is warm, but slightly off note.  The song of speech rings in my ears.  It brings to the surface all I choose to hide.

“Come here often?” Hanna sits down beside me. “Oh, the private man…  Dressed up and nowhere to go but a pond near a parking lot? Where did you want to go tonight, good sir?” Her head plops down on my shoulder.  Her right hand glides on to my thigh. Her intentions brazen.  She likes the chase and a nervous prey.

“I could take you right here.  On the picnic table…no, no.  I’ll take you into the pond.   I always wanted to do a mermaid.  If I could make those gills of yours gasp for air….” My mind talks true desire.  

We have been here before.  We flip the switch and destroy each others world.  She knows I’m good for it.   I knew she’s here to make sure I haven’t changed on her.  She choose safe for me.

“Now, get back to your wife.  Not even I do married men on their wedding night.   You owe me for those handcuffs.   I could only find the pink key. I still think you lost the blue one.”  Hanna smiles and kisses my neck in the wrong way.

I run at a fast walk. Back to my future. The past hangs close around my neck.

Parts 1 & 2


Angels Wins Round One

“I she her. I see them.” Dwight points with an outstretched right arm.   I look at him.   The black tux loose on his pole bean frame.   If his hair wasn’t racing back from his forehead, we would both look thirty.

I have spent half an hour looking.   Waiting for their return.  The anxious moments separate from time and space.   I question myself.  I question her,  well both of them.   The figure in blue leads her back to me.   I notice only one.   The hug of the other jars my thoughts out of the ruts they fell into.

Chloe giggles and kisses my cheek.  Her hand finds mine.  Metal and fuzzy.  The touch is strange.   I look down.  Two handcuffs, one pink and one blue.  I look up to her.   She is radiant.  I smile back.   My mind slips away.

“We can use those later..” Chloe blushes and puts her nose against mine. “I’d love to stay here…but I have a wedding in a few minutes.”

“Me too!  I wonder if you know her?  She has a long white dress with seawater trim. But what’s under that dress? And these handcuffs…hmm” I smile the smile of the idiot.

I am fifteen minutes away from the start of a wedding.   My heart is all in.   Parts of me remember what those handcuffs felt like.  The woman who handed them off to her had a way with them.   And too many other things.   I hold Chloe’s face but my mind is crafting a different body.  The curves are so familiar.  I hold my breath.

“Which mistake am I making? ” I whisper.

“Wow, you’re a mess dude!”  Dwight smiles.   His hands finds my shoulder.   “Time to get you hitched! ”

We turn toward the outdoor gazebo.  Families taking their sides.   Flowers spread out like tapestry.  I see smiles looking at me.   The ladies wait for us to start everything.   The music starts.   I’m looking happy.   I’m feeling like am heading for the gallows.

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Angels and Demons – Photo Challenge #118


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I see her lead away.  As she floats across the sand, I imagine what will happen when she comes back. We are hours away from forever. The minutes will drag until they return.

“I wonder where they are going?” Dwight,  my best man shakes my focus.
“This is a girl thing, right?”

Fuzzy warm thoughts become fogged in.    Talk?  My mind spins. Talk about what? My floating white clad angel disappears in the distance. What? Secrets? I think about possibilities.  They become storm clouds.  Lightning strikes of shadows past.  The following boom of things I never told her ring in my head.

Hanna pulled her away.  Chloe had no idea of that past once shared. They are best of friends now.  How much did they share?   The moments slow.  I kept out from her.   Every woman had a problem with her once they knew.

“Oh shit!” I speak it softly.

“Dude, you are worried about it?” Dwight masters his annoying burst of questions.

“We’re fine!   She’s having girl time…” my belief waffles before the words enter the world.

The minutes drag like days of mourning.   The wedding is a little more than an hour.   Families were off in the distance.  Oblivious to the situation.

Slivers of the past gnaw at my psyche.  Images fill my mind aren’t in the present.   The dance of wants to steal a moment from then strikes home.  The shape in the blue dress becomes undressed.   I revel in the embrace. She was hard, demanding, flame that burned the candle to the ground.  I choose stable, secure, loving. 

“Angels and demons both look good in a dress.” I mutter.

“That’s a little deep. Which is better the demon or the angel?”  Dwight queries my words.

“One’s easy on the heart.  One’s hard on everything else.” I talk still looking down the beach.

Part 2,