Pet Meds

There’s an interesting thing in the American health system.  Mergers and outsourcing products have conspired with “universal” health care.  In a truly American way, the only winners are the drug companies. I have found this by having an asthmatic cat.

My little girl is 15 years old.  She has regiment of drugs that keep her from wheezing.  They drugs are all human drugs.  This means I can go to any pharmacy and supposedly they will be available as they are common.  Well, interesting thing when insurance companies are involved.  They can change the compensation they get from insurance companies.  If you had thousands of drugs to sell it might be hard to pick a new price every month, but these are dedicated people!

It was just fine when her Flovent went from $125  to $190 by about ten dollars each refill.  That was every other month.  Now it took away my breath each time, I should have used some of it. But she has a prednisone prescription but that’s $15 every two months from the veterinarian.  Now here’s the best part.  At the human pharmacy, it’s double.  The reason Obamacare.  The increase in coverage had no provisions for price control.  Meaning if you failed to enroll you were penalized by fees and drug costs.  Because the powers that be, never think of the consequences of their laws.

But why am I here today?  The pharmacy game is mergers among generic drugs.  Large companies with brand names rake in billions in higher costs. They have based pricing on research money and time required to bring drugs to market.  But generic drugs, well now these are cheap knock outs that are crazy profitable .  There’s no fees to the developer as patient is expired.  But that’s not good enough for giant profits.  So they get bought out and the drugs are made overseas.  The standards that the US government puts on formularies for drug manufactures is tops in the world.  That means a common drug made for decades has been wait approval since November!  The drug very common is not available because of this.  One marker makes almost all of the drug.  It took twenty calls, to every thing from chains to small stores.  Finally, I found an online place.  But it’s not all easy because I have a veterinarian in a different state who doesn’t like online places because some sell outdated drugs!  

And the compounding online pharmacy is at least fresh stuff.  Now that federal hiring freeze, nothing is getting done as far as approving anything being imported.  It’s not looking good.  I hope no one else is stuck in this place.  But sooner or later, it’ll hit people hard.  We have outsourced a bit to far.

How to Be Anonymous 

Not that I would do this….  But in just in case, you didn’t see it here

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Common Sense Still Applies Today

“​In England a king hath little more to do than to make war and give away places; which in plain terms, is to impoverish the nation and set it together by the ears. A pretty business indeed for a man to be allowed eight hundred thousand sterling a year for, and worshipped into the bargain! Of more worth is one honest man to society and in the sight of God, than all the crowned ruffians that ever lived.”

— Thomas Paine, Common Sense

This is from the pamphlet that sparked alliance to a Revolution.  The most sold publication in America for most of its history

Like Your National Parks? Congress Changing Rules 

If they distract you with eliminating healthcare, what are they thinking?  The energy sector is huge in the new administration’s cabinet.  Guess why?  Click below its easier

Frankengrass Approved

They can’t contain the GMO grass, it spreads like wildfire.  You can’t kill it, so the USDA says “ok sell it”

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Welcome to Rage Day!

Today, most like every day means something to somebody.  If you are an anti-establishment get you civil disobedience on type person, carpe deim!  If not check you local listing for an evening program of frustration at the system and its current state.  This is possible a two party system between Anonymous and the Black Life Matters movements.  Either way 37 cities will be “hosts” for a party.

WARNING: DAY OF RAGE #BlackLivesMatter Protests Set for Friday in 37 US Cities

Reblog – We Subsidize Most of Junk Food Crops

We all know farmers have Crop protections that prevent the family farm from going belly up due to a bad year.   But when the family farm became corporate factory farms, we need the subsidies even more.   Dear God think of your 401k!

Is Robot Use Right to Take A Life?

The over saturation of Dallas is well underway.  There’s always blame to be pointed away from the source.  We look at videos, images, hear words of lose but healing is a pipe dream.  Everything links to the past.  Where is the thought of tomorrow?  Peaceful protest by groups whose leaders posted “it is time to visit Louisiana and hold a barbecue” (African American Defense League, Dr Mauricelm-Lei Millere).   I’m a white male, I only see this as burn the city down because the message follows the time for marches are over.  This is peaceful.  If two cops are bad, we destroy businesses that people with no connection to these cops.  I missed this in the Dr Martin Luther King, Jr speech called “I have a dream”. Historically, he added that line about the dream while giving the speech.

But now let’s focus on technology.  There are people who think a dozen police officers shot wasn’t enough to be risked.  The public was also in danger, but it’s all about the police and their conduct.  After hearing the shooter tell negotiators he “wanted to kill white police officers” and that was what he attempted to do, voices are trickling foward saying “why use a robot to kill him”.  

We will remind all still reading…. I’m married to a federal police officer. I’m middle aged white, middle class male, who owns and actively shoots weapons.  I’m as biased as everyone else here.

These officers were at a peaceful rally ensuring the safety of others.  They have a job to protect your from yourself or the violent people abusing your free speech to spread hate.  I’m taking the logic  that ” killing white police officers” by an Army trained shooter was a hate crime based on race and he used that free speech to kill others.  We can’t shred  the right to freely express ourselves.  Freedom of speech guarantees my right to be offensive , as long as I don’t slander or liable someone, or escalate to violence or cause panic.  

Once the shooting starts the police are obligated to run toward the threat.  I’m going to guess no one in uniform said “hey only white officers should handle this”.  That’s not the way it works.  All police units would have been charged with putting down the threat.  As they heard about their fellow officers being gunned down.  As they hear shots echoing through close packed buildings.  As chaos descends and evacuating the people protesting the police actions of others are evacuated.  They are negotiating with a domestic terrorist.  He is not a black terrorist, he’s a terrorist.  Leave race behind, killers are killers.  Holding the idea that race makes a killer is wrong, it provides an excuse for someone to hurt, injure, or kill another human being. But back to the subject at hand.  The first use of a robot to kill a domestic terrorist should have been a good thing.  It’s a Luke warm reception.

Seriously, would three more dead police officers be better?  How about another half dozen children with no parent coming home?  The guy with high powered rifle trained to kill had thirteen causalities.  What should they do after negotiations fail?  Order breakfast for him? Or do their job restoring public safety?  It’s sad but the police didn’t wake up and say lets watch our brothers die today.  Maybe the TV will show all those cities to justify the actions of a domestic terrorist.  Even better everyone will forget Dallas was a pioneer in Community Policing!  Yeah, they would extensively to connect to their community.they worked to prevent black on black crime, drug violence, and helped homeless too. 

 Let’s throw that aside the tragedy of two black men killed by police means nothing if violence is the answer.  The shooter didn’t go to the scene of either crime.  He spread the bitter pill of hate.  As Americans on a news bender, we swallow it whole.  Now questions about the use of a robot…..Really?!  I hope no one needs a police officer to do this again.  They are in a no win situation.