Wash and Repeat

Fresh earth taste wanes

Another roundhouse kick

Worn leather replaces it

Somewhere fate smiles down

Pushing buttons for responses

Pushing others patience for fun

The lesson never changes much

The results fall away in gutters

Horizons darkening future dreams

Somewhere dawn teases hope

Getting back up to start again


Twas Night Before Draft Night 2020

Twas the night before draft night

And all through Believeland

Not a rat bird was screeching

About even a stillers fan

The streets were all quiet

To the wrong Corona ban

Still hopes like playoffs danced in the air

The night starts out bumpy

Without a Wirfs or Thomas there

Number 10 becomes 16

And WTF ..Xavier is there?!

(With 3rd & 2021 5th round)

My beer grows empty

My heart starts to fear

Night gets darker waiting to hear

Names from a draft book must be near

Suddenly a Seahawk from screen dissapears (with 41 & 115 & AtL 2021 5th)

Jones the sixth OT off the board falls home

My watering eye pause to take on a sight

No second round pick tomorrow night?

Friday drags as round 2 is no go

We see WR off the board do flee

Suddenly 74 becomes a buckeye LB (Malik Harrison)

The Falcons former pick turns 76 into DE Highsmith for Charlotte?!

My heart is a flutter my beer thrown again

What in hell can 97 bring?

Day 2 is closing and day 3 looks thin

Why are the Cowboys giving me 123 & 179?

And why can’t Stobridge play here?

My hand is trembling, the remote falls clear.

Where’s the justice? I wait again

My OBJ jersey arrives in the mail

Draft day 3, we can not fail

Tyker Johnson to Cinci?

It just can’t be

We’re drafting a Wolverine (Bredeson IOL Trotter can’t play on one toe forecer)!


My beer grows warm as 4 becomes 5

How long til 179 can it be?

My Bud light 30 pack gasps for air

The name Lamar Jackson rings out clear

We drafted the Ratbirds QB?!

Sorry beer goggles, it says CB

The tricks of the mind grow

187 sneaks up to show

The name on the front same as the back

Tyrie Cleveland not the Boise one

My fingers are cut as draft Bible pleas

Stop looking at defense it just isn’t meant to be

Number 244 how long can it be?

But wait I see a prospect numbered 303

A running back from Illinois state?

James Robinson?!

We have Chubb & Hunt!

But there’s Runyan & Heck on the board

AND Prosche, and 75 others I never heard of until March first….

And to all a good night

#16 Xavier McKinney S

#27 Josh Jones OT

#74 Malik Harrison LB

#76 Alex Highsmith DE

#123 Ben Bredeson IOL

#179 Lamar Jackson

#187 Tyrie Cleveland WR

#244 James Robinson RB


Waves rise

Feelings drift away

Sun glistens against turquoise

Breezes strip down the world

Relaxation oozes

Toes become sand

Worry knows no welcome

Sighs are happiness complete

Waves rush

Inward than crash

Whitecaps dance above blue

Everything dissolves into water

Rested soul

Nothing can reach

Lulled into nowhere beautiful

I dwell in the moment


Dawn breaks upon your smile

My heart races to meet the Sun’s rays

Hope builds the bridge to you

Crossing the moat of indecision

Desire inspires alternate ways

There is always a way with hearts

You may only be a beat away

Surely just one dream from now

Crumbs build my bricks toward you

Please be the change I need

Tomorrow dawns upon that smile

The Birds

“The birds. They are toxic!” She yells from her perch above and behind me.

My mind pines to find the faul fowl in question. My eyes catch from whence the chatter originates.

Her expression flies upon her outstretched left wing. Her desperation swopes down like talons.

“Did we not poison the air in which they soar?” I find wind beneath me thoughts. “Did we not poison the water they drink?”

Her hawk like eyes pierce at my gizzard. She frantically struts about her roost. Those eyes never leaving the clutch of her wraith.

“The birds! They are toxic!” Her raven hair flows about her. The fading light of evening paints red feathers within those locks.

“She has been yelling that all day.” The cormorant twists its head back at me. “Robin, her name is Robin.”

I preen my ears. The avian puzzle leaves me nothing to crow about.

Sunday Whirl – Modern Problems

The stick sings as it slashes through the air. The promising cut flies passing the machine that strands all that data in digital netherland. I stare yearning for light in the darkness. My mind’s journey talks to me pitching ways to get even with technology.

FFAW – outside my window

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Jade M. Wong. Thank you Jade!

The rocking chair slowly dips forward and snaps back. Over and over it repeats. Two dead eyes look upon Maple street. A hollow body creaks as chair moves.

“They are coming here…. THEY are coming HERE….” Gerald rouses the stale air about him. “Just let me BE!”

A beeping sound rattles the front of his stone house, shaking the windows. The big box truck lunges at the yard. It’s tires tear into green grass. The engine roars as the curb resists the weight of someone else’s memorabilia collection.

Gerald scoots the chair closer to the window. “Leave me be! It’s my home! Its still my … home!”

Two figures emerge from the truck. Their eyes wonder across the house built like a fortress.

“If it just looked as solid on the inside…” Hank speaks a bit louder than he thinks.

“It just needs some love.” Peggy wraps her arm about his waist.

“Old abandoned houses…..” He smiles briefly “Remember taking all that old stuff out….filling dumpsters.”

“Didn’t we throw out the rocking chair by that window?” She starts to pull away.
175 words

Season with No Reason

Exoteric ((adj.) suitable for or communicated to the general public: not belonging, limited, or pertaining to the inner or select circle, as of disciples or intimates: popular, simple, common place
Emulation ((n.) effort or desire to equal or excel others: jealous rivalry)

Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem
The words can appear in an alternate form
Use the words in any order that you like.
Tag: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and Wordle

“Easement of any edge…” Raul pauses midthought. “Enough of a gap for evil to extract its ethereal control.”

“So exoteric ideas gain entry from afar, elsewhere to exact which emulsion?” Clyde plays along.
“The brain is the only equipment need to erase logic.” Raul is as tired of the political season as the partisan play that accompanys it.