Please Tell What Wrong Here?!

I’m trying to have a BLT sandwich.  My bacon and lettuce are fine but….  There’s this green thing inside the tomato.  This is a seed sprouting inside.  It’s one of four that I find.  

Now if I wanted to grow them.  I would have to dry them and chill them for a month.  But these came from the store.  Anyone with an idea?!  This isn’t supposed to happen.

The Business of Food Labeling

Just to be clear.  I’m using the  “Soapbox” image for a reason.

The US Senate decided you don’t know to know if your food contains plants of Genetic Modified nature.  I hope your sitting down for this…. Corporations are spending crazy money to make sure they keep their Senators and the public message is everything is fine.  If it was fine, why spend millions to keep GMO off all labels?

So, if you eat anything with corn or soybeans as an ingredient…yyup are eating GMO’s. Don’t matter there are identical to natural plants right?  Would you put Roundup on a salad as dressing?  Dip your nachos in a salsa or cheese with a touch of Roundup?  Well, you already are if it’s a name brand.  Of course, they need to tell you if there a a few parts per million of yellow food dye.  But that’s lower than what the USA claims is safe for pesticide exposure to humans.

The food sourcing is terrible.  We can’t even trust organic to be GMO free.  There are strict rules on Organic and how they are produced.  Organic milk from a cow that eats GMO wheat is on your grocery shelf all ready.  

Ok what to do?  Well, I have take a new approach on the petition front.  I’ll sign them and hope for something back.  My little contributions may not be much but these fine people at Coke are spending money to suppress your right to know.  Their products have high fructose corn syrup and if that sugar comes from sugarbeets  (mostly does due to cost), they are feed you GMO’s with our friend Roundup. If you would like to come along for the ride.   Below is link to tell Coca-Cola to stop fund the suppression of our right to know.   Really guys they are safe,  so what’s the harm of knowing they are there? 😉

GMO, Its Safe Really 

If you are able to remember a Story call Soylent Green, you’ll appreciate this.  Those who may have missed the story, when you died you would be recycled to be used to….. Help the next generation thrive!  Ok.  You were old you were worthless and turned into something like ricecakes.  And the movie has a theme based upon finding this out.  It’s actually a good movie.  I digress.

So we come into the world where the seed companies say we can alter a plant to make it better for production by eliminating weeds.  Basically, weed killer doesn’t kill the corn or soy.  Just the weeds.  The weed killer bonds on to proteins. You eat the weed killer bound to the GMO corn or soy because it bound to the plant protein.  They are resistant to the weed killer but still take it in!  It’s safe, the manufacture bought congress to say so…. Oops! They claim it’s safe even though it binds to your proteins inside your digestive tract.

So the company called Soylent.  They as shown above say they are perfectly safe.  As truly stated humans have been messing with our crops for a long time .  Radiation and selective breeding have lead to new varieties.  After a hundred years, nothing extratrodinary has come of it.  But so far we have a recall in the release of Soylent 2.0, because of gastrointestinal issues.  Where do toxins rest in your body first?  The fats are second.   Please go to the Soylent website to see  their side.  It’s safe trust them.

Sorry, I’ll stick to plants that require human labor and won’t leave toxins in my muscles.

Reblog – We Subsidize Most of Junk Food Crops

We all know farmers have Crop protections that prevent the family farm from going belly up due to a bad year.   But when the family farm became corporate factory farms, we need the subsidies even more.   Dear God think of your 401k!

Organic Grains Growing Presence

For those who like to know what’s in their food,  here’s something that should be good news!   Also explains what is necessary to be certified organic

Genetically Engineered Chips?!

Food labels are really boring things to read.  Some of the artificial ingredients sound scary!  But Barbecue Chips, they are taters deep fried with flavored powder dusted on them after they emerge from their deep fried skinny dip.  All pure innocent starchy fun!  Ok besides that junk food label but we all have our culinary crosses to bare.

So it is in horror that I read the phrase “Partially Produced with Genetic Engineering”. It’s up in picture 2!  I being reasonable person went to fritolays email page to express.  Keep your @&#*ing chips!  I’m not lab rat that pays you people $2.50 a bag to find out how safe GMO’s are.  But my email is not valid!  So dear friends, here is where I stand with this GMO thing.  I will not willing purchase a GMO product!  There is no research that has studied whether the process of genetic engineering changes the way we digest the food nor if any chemical products are introduced when the body breaks down a Genetic Modified protein. 

They companies producing these foods KILLED legislation to require the labeling of GMO foods.  The reason Fritolays Products have it is simply some of the US have enacted state laws requiring it.  Do you deserve to know what’s in your food?  Yes.  The reason all those products have labels is because the food supply has a long history of being tampered with.  Although, it probably existed before the 1600’s.  One of the first laws enacted here made it legal to add sawdust to flour!  Rice was treated with alum to make it look better for long.  Traces of poisons were used as preservatives.  But rest assured you don’t need to worry about preservatives in the chips.  The bag says they are free of preservation.   I guess franken-taters don’t rot!  So their straight from the farm franken-taters will be available to more people as I will leave them behind.  Interesting note, the lightly salted bag doesn’t mention the GMO thing.  I’m not sure about why.  Whether the bag is older or only certain flavors use genetic engineering.  But since their email doesn’t work, I have no answer.

To quote an old slogan of Lays, “I bet you can’t eat just one!” Has a different meaning.

Cherry Citrus Smoothie

We have stumbled on new flavors!   Literally, I visited the marked down produce section.  Ugly fruit makes good smoothies!  

Today’s surprise was cherries.  Which are just starting to come into the stores at the price of silver instead of gold.  The was the when is an orange not an orange find (when it’s a blood orange) as well.  But that said, there’s a quick shout out to a new friend, Harshita ( for the rememberence that everyone needs a little flax seed in their lives. 

That said here’s the Mad Scientist List:

Two handful Spring Mix

Twelve ounces (350ml) Almond Milk

One medium Lemon

One Blood Orange

One medium Orange

Half Cup of Blueberries 

Twenty of the Ugliest Cherries (pitted)

Two Tablespoons of Flax Seed Powder

Two Teaspoons Cherry Limeade Powder (optional)

The Spring Mix should be blended smooth with the almond milk and Flax seed powder.  The silky green will be best continued if you add the citrus pieces one at a time.  Segment them and peel off as much of the zest and fiber as possible.  The more left on the chunkier it will be  and more bitter it will taste. The blueberries and cherries come last.  The cherries will not blend completely smooth but they are for flavor.