Hawaiian Waterfalls Pictures

Akaka falls

Pee-Pee (Pee-eh Pee-eh in Hawaiian) falls

Rainbow falls

Unnamed under the undergrowth 




The night dive with manta rays is a must do.  Its only available in few places in the world.  Here on the island of Hawaii, the lights of the airport create a haven for the manta rays. There is another site further south has dives as well.

Both use bright lights to draw in krill and plankton to the surface.  The buffet of these gentle giants.  They average about 10 feet across.  At thousand pounds in weight, the size is stunning.they require about 3 to 5% of their body mass.  They spent a long time feeding.  The best time to view them is night.  These artifical lights create becons that act like a dinner bell.   But you wait for the sun to go down.

Both hands hold on to plastic pipes that surround a surf board.  LED lights are fitted underneath.  With two boards of twelve people each you are far from alone. My dive has eight separate mantas.  They come within inches of you.  They move in barrel rolls.  Their white bellies out.  Their mouths will be coming right at your face.  They are huge.  Then they turn down barely missing you.  Sometimes they  bump you.  Its a little graze.  Touching them hurts their skin.  Taking yiu hands off a surfboard in twenty feet of water in the dark isn’t worth it.  That explains lack of photos.

Someone elses video….



Mai Tai Sunset


Rum floats on tropical juices
Gentle breezes make the torches dance.
Waves caress then crash on the rocks.
The Earth prepares for bed.
Tourists reach for fading light.
A softness invades the bar.
Quiet periods of people staring.
Dumbfounded by an orange sky.
As the sun begins to fade
I’ll raise my glass to match its colors.
Another Mai Tai please.