Guest Post: Yearning

Welcome to Amanda/Mandi week!  Wait, this one is Just in Queso. Queso? See picture below.  Thanks to her for guest post.  Any other Amanda or Mandi out there contact me. 😉

Greetings, earthlings!

While Mark is on vacation this week (lucky bastard), he asked if I’d like to guest post for him, and I was excited and flattered to take him up on it! I have a blog over at Just in Queso, where I review a certain cheesy Tex-Mex dish at various central Texas restaurants, and I also write stories about my strange and often pointless shenanigans.

I like to keep things pretty lighthearted and fun over there. My blog is cheesy in more ways than one.

Anyway, Mark said I could write about anything I wanted, so I strongly considered writing an expose on hemorrhoids, just to mess with you all. However, I wanted to keep within the theme of his blog as much as possible, so I decided to write a poem.

I don’t normally write poetry, so it feels rather daring to do this on a blog that contains some beautifully-written material. Pointing and laughing at me is fine, but please don’t throw tomatoes. Those stains are really hard to get out 🙂


I can’t seem to remember
The moment we first met
But I’m sure that I was starry-eyed,
And I haven’t lost that yet.

“Soul mate” is much too cliché
To describe how I feel about you.
Your beauty makes my insides flutter
Our love, though old, feels new.

When I’ve stressed, you’ve offered peace
On dark days, you’ve brought me light
You calm me, you complete me,
My friend on lonely nights.

I wait for you with anticipation
My fondest wishes, you fulfill.
You were made to bring me pleasure,
And you always will.

Every thought I have of you
Fills me with emotion
You’ve “set a seal upon my heart”
You have my full devotion.

You come in many varied forms,
So I’ll never have to tire.
Cold and hard, or warm and soft
And sometimes set afire.

Perhaps my favorite form of you
Comes melted in a bowl
With spices, veggies, and chorizo
Queso: you ignite my soul.

Shakespeare asked, “what’s in a name?”
I’d tell him, “Monterey Jack”
Or feta, brie, mozzarella
Even cheddar’s got my back.

There’s nothing like a piece of cheese
No matter my state of mind
It eases my pains, it brings me joy
No greater love than this I’ll find.

I love you, cheese.

Do you have any items that bring you such happiness,  you could write a love poem about them? What foods (or other items) strike your fancy?

Big thanks to Mark for letting me to do this guest post, and to Mark’s readers for humoring my whimsical cheese-love! My goal was to find a “middle ground” between his blog theme and mine, so hopefully I succeeded. Please feel free to stop by Just in Queso and say hello!