Fading memories

That’s where we lived

Loss only counts in ones

Lingering is all hope does

It toys with belief

It ignores possibilities

Somehow we end up here

No-one did anything to get here

Which is how everything happens

A ghost of yesterday

Disappearing into tomorrow

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Awkward Dream

I pull into the drug store parking lot. The drab brick building with giant windows far to high up to actually see in or out of. I notice a few brief and tan snakes. Then a few more. Behind the building the sea had risen into the edge ood the parking area. Upon its muddy waters ride more snakes.

I marvel at the sole figure outside. He is picking up said snakes by the head and throwing them back out to sea. His dedication to the cause far outweighing the results.

The sky rather overcast helps darken the scene of these legless beasts arriving upon these shores. I fancy the place of such large gatherings of snakes in tropical places. A lush white sand, being lapped by turquoise waters. Maybe a nice Pineapple Sangria in my hand.

Then it hits me, the guy is Scott! Which means nothing to me.

Then the alarm awakens me.

What an awkward dream.

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Wordle – Flashback

1. Rapid

2. Material

3. Beast

4. Sequence

5. Actual

6. Amaryllis

7. Offscreen

8. Untoward

9. Negative

10. Escapist

11. Neurochemical

12. I can’t find the last word if you see it let every know! If not go with Mellow

Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem

The words can appear in an alternate form

Use the words in any order that you like.

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My life runs like a rapid sequence of actual events. I sit offscreen. My escapist persona drinking in neurochemical beasts of so called freedom. I search for that keyhole but the bloom of untoward amaryllis is the only material witness.

Sunday Whirl – Not the Right Surprise

“Wait!” An animated voice like part of a loud laugh.

I check the Eagle’s Crawl bar for whom the drunk queen checking me out could be.

My heart thinks I have won some attention. But I realize this has become a family place. And there she is a barmaid waving me down.


A bead of sweat

A pulse just a bit raised

I hide my symptoms

The look over the shoulder

The constant feeling of missing

I can not shake them

My eyes rip apart scenery

I’m searching but unaware

My condition grows dire

My heart now beats fast

The sweat draws friends

Still I can not see it

How you infected me

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Tending Your Fires

I have watched you burn the house

Your fire cursing more than darkness

Living in fantasy can corrode the soul

Particularly when they aren’t yours

Even worse when they are orphans

We can not hold the whole world

Nor make the Sun bend to us alone

Sharing is the breath of nature

Purpose of hope is to feed the being

Not a bug meant to be smashed

Right is not a birthright or measure

The world has been grey shades

Light and darkness playing together

Aggression is poison we drink

Hostility, sulfurous smoke choking us

Envy, blinding oneself with wants

Burning down my world means zilch

Yours is still empty and ice filled

SGrab your lighter, your bills of need

As the flames get higher and higher

what about you do you ever see

Or still curse your darkness


Path leads into the shadow

Sunlight streams in distance

Radiant beams glisten outlines

Fresh breath of Earth wafts by

Birds shattered quiet

Boundaries crossed suddenly

Noises drowned as leaves dance

Tiny feet scratch at the litter

Streaks of grey and brown

The tinyness of a big world

Voices get swallowed by nature

Eyes grow wide taking in peace

Once inside the outside world fades

Surrender to calm and tranquility

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When Home Goes Away

Simple plot of grass

Place where footsteps grew

Memories have faded

Visions have changed

Four outside walls unchanged

Inside emptiness echoes

Personal ghosts scamper

Things long since hidden return

Hide and seek images cling

Missing what makes a place

Leaving home is easy

Watch home go away, different

Last look through the door

View from the oblivion

Nothing changed

Just the meanings

Photo Challenge #213 – Stuck in the Mud


– Nicolas Bruno

Desmond began to feel that sinking feeling. Audrey seemed more distance, like she had turned her back on their future. Their conversations seemed to have an unseen hand waiting to cut in at any time.

“Are you listening? There’s a reason it feels like I’m a big fish in a little pond.” Audrey’s words plunge into silence.

“Dear, there will always be times we feel out of place.” Desmond reels himself into conversation. “Too many times the troubles get all the attention. It would be a good time for us to get away.”

“You know I always felt being on a beach would be where I would bloom. But I always seem to be going off the deep end.” Audrey pauses waiting for a reaction. She stares at her phone awaiting the next line.

Heat of the Day

Blazing sun

Oven like breezes

My body profusely sweating

I curse the heat

Much like I curse the cold

Every moment drags by

My charred lungs exhale

A cool rag against my forehead

I think of why I do this

The warmth begs to be relished

The dark blue skies long to be viewed

But the Sun grows larger

It’s heat more intense

Time to turn away

Maybe the back won’t mind

Another fifteen minutes

And I’ll move in