FFAW – Somewhere Under the Rainbow

This week’s photo prompt is provided by @any1mark66

(Hey, that’s me & Big Bend National Park, Texas)

“There it is!! The end of the rainbow! There’s a pot of gold in that trailer!” Mickey screams and flails his left arm toward the aluminum leprechaun.

Dad looks up in the mirror and laughs “There aren’t leprechaun in Texas! You have to catch them to get the gold”

“There’s a green man in the field there! look!” Six year old defiance rings out. “Can we stop?!”

“We can look from the side of the road but no closer. Those fields are full of snakes.” Dad responds

As the car stops, the rain thins. A strange rustling crawls through the tufted grasses.

“See there are no people out here! Just us and some rain. It doesn’t even look occupied over there, Mickey.” Dad turns back to look at his son. A sudden sense of wonder comes as the roadway dries in front of his eyes.

“Daddy! He is waving to us!” Mickey tugs at his dad.

The sound of their car driving off goes unnoticed. Soon they will find out how the leprechaun gets his gold.

181 words


Sunday Writing Prompt

“Use the talents you possess..” words spill into the room.

She fidgets, picking her nails. She was never a fan of the baggage she keeps. Personal baggage like mushrooms grow in the dark.

“the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those who sang best.” the little tv continues its motivational speech

Sunday Whirl – Jack Frost

I question the sanity of my shady game of chicken with January. The gravity of situation figures to assemble a list of things taken. Superstition of Jack Frost told in ice grains on my skin.

Wordle – Family Bonding

Week 172

1. Crackle

2. Bloodline

3. Lotus-eater ((n.)

a member of a people represented by Homer as living in a state of dreamy forgetfulness and idleness as a result of eating the fruit of the lotus plant.

4. Giddy

5. Memory

6. Dangerous

7. Akimbo

8. Satin

9. Hips

10. Fusillade ((n.) a series of shots fired or missiles thrown all at the same time or in quick succession.)

11. Bloom

12. Fasten

Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem

The words can appear in an alternate form

Use the words in any order that you like.

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“Dangerous is a giddy memory!” he stands akimbo with his right hand fastened to the hip.

“I’ll throw a satin bloom of an uppercut to the Lotus-eater in the bloodline!” her hands rain a fusillade of pain upon her brother.

The crackle of his vinyl coat records the onslaught.

FFAW – Two Eyes

“She said she saw two eyes staring out at her. So we got a little closer. I couldn’t see anything at all.” Simon pauses to breath. ” I thought it was a dog or something.”

Simon looks back to the brush pile. His right hand drawn tight against a pounding chest.

“It was black…. I think. It all happened so fast.” Simon’s voice fails as his eyes cloud with tears.

“Then she was gone. We know the story. But you still didn’t answer how you could lose an arm and how she could disappear leaving nothing but blood.” Detective Mills looks around the scene. “It’s like she was slaughtered. And you have no idea what did this in broad daylight?! Why if you had both arms!”

“I’m telling you she saw two eyes.” Simon starts again.

135 words

Wordle – After the Midnight Kiss

Bonus New Years

1. Sparklers
2. Flute
3. Champagne
4. Gala
5. Midnight
6. Kiss
7. Effervescent
8. Gold
9. Invitation
10. Gown
11. Chanel No. 5
12. Enchanting

This is your second holiday Wordle list!
Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem
The words can appear in an alternate form
Use the words in any order that you like.
Tag: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and Wordle

The midnight kiss as effervescent as the flute of champagne. Only the enchanting invitation of chanel #5 can provide an effect of the golden sparklers to rival her gown. Soon the gala dwindles to two.

Sunday Whirl – Logic

The silver light tells that nothing exists as the middle seam holding this illusion together. Mighty rumors swing like vines ditching warnings of why and how. No wonder logic seats lost here.

Photo Challenge – Queen of Hearts


Photo Credit– Jeff Simpson

The echoes of heartbeats stir the raven. His black beak pulls at the gauze fabric covering the hand upon which he perches. Like many others before, the raven looks for clues her majesty is still alive.

Vanessa, queen of her nothingness, poses as a still life of self-induced rigidity. She knows of her great artistic skills. The void of her unfilled tales has crafted the masterpiece of loneliness. Not for lack of trying, but for lack of worthy finds.

“Begone! You vile clutch of feathers and carrion!” Vanessa moves her raised arm away from the raven. “A perch! You use me like they all do!”