Color Your World – Midnight Blue


There the blue one!  The other blue one. … no the blue one in the middle in top.


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Color Your World – Melon


The closest I could find the melon color.   The outside of a daylily, in a day the ruffles crumble.  The color fades.   Then another bud opens.  About four weeks, the cycle repeats.

Five Things
Welcome to my desert island.  Ok not really!  It’s deserted, you’ll have to leave now.  Sorry, not my choice…. part of question. ūüôā

First off, I’m taking the old fishing pole.  I can live on fish for awhile.  It won’t be fun after a week, but survival calls people.  After awhile, I’ll figure out how to cook wrapping food in palm leaves.  The island better have trees.  I’m leaving out the tent here people! But again, food first major need tackled.

Second, I’m taking my water purifier pump.  Water should come first really.  But hey, you need water.  Sea water might be boiled and distilled but that’s more than five things needed for that.  Ok food and water.  Enjoy civilization people, I’m good for a bit with three things to spare!

Third, light weight bright colored rain jacket.  You may need cover.  You might want rescued eventually (signal with bright colors). You may not want to be soaked if it rains!  It’ll collect water in pinch.  It’ll hold food for trees or plants.  The fish gets old sooner or later.

Fourth, this is where things get strange.  My mind cries for the long life battery powered radio/iPad/netbook thing (with satellite chip).  But I’m leaning toward a box of paper.  I can occupy myself.  I can write the treatise of life and philosophy that I never had an uninterrupted month to work on!

Five, a never ending pen.  Really a box of paper eat this one!  Bad thing for the list.  But to capture my thoughts.  Decorating the volleyball named Wilson, needs ink of some kind. (Movie reference, people).

Ok noticeable absent electronics, clothes, books, music.  How much good would come from twenty thousand and one times on same song.  Ignore those people below.  They are hallucinations.


Way Back


Nothing¬†is ever as easy as it looks.¬† My mind fills with… realization.

I sit in a pint sized chair.¬†¬† My favorite Tonka truck in my hand.¬† I’m way too old for this.¬† I survey the place.¬†¬† First memories were here.¬† Betty, Kiel, Suzie, Joe and Miss Miller.¬† I’m at Castle Day Care.¬† I started fifty years in the future.¬†¬† The toys, books, walls and people are all the same.

We’re surrounding a black and white tv.¬† Mr Peabody and his boy Sherman.¬†¬†

“Oh no!¬† It can’t be! Just can’t be!”¬† I yell.¬†¬† My hands throws the truck across the room.

I stare into the eyes of an angry Miss Miller.  She wants answers.   She wants them now!

How do I explain that I will invent the Way Back Machine.¬† I’m four outside, decades older inside.¬†¬† The building will become condos at the time I travel here.

“Miss Miller, you got to believe me!¬†¬† I will invent a Way Back Machine!¬† Really!”¬† Hotels words grin a little kid.

“Sherman, today we are going back fifty years.¬† We will see the start of the War to End All Wars! ”¬† fron the tv, Mr Peabody sets the machine for 1912.

“No! No!¬† I’m the one from fifty years in the future! ” I plead to both the tv and Miss Miller.

“Someone’s going to the corner or nap time!”¬† Miss Miller demands. “When you are ready to tell me the truth, then we will talk! ”

My nightmare begins.

Written as part of a weekly challenge called Flash Fiction for the Purposeful practitioners,