Darkness Inside

Black parchment eats words

Indigo ink fades to hints

Quill scripts invisible manifest

My fingers scream minds pretzels

Every answer begets empty questions

Tree of knowledge sways oblivious

My voice silence by indecisiveness

Letters twist into someone’s words

They cease to translate to me

Darkness my familiar stranger

Lullabies sung in earthly drones

I wonder across the unblank page


Lost Thoughts

I can remember things

The order is a question

It’s  not egg vs chicken 

Far more important, maybe

Details are what debate form

Insight is hindsight somehow

If tomorrow changes are we sure?

History is a trend not reality

We look to what futures hold

We watch the hands not fingers

I will  awake wondering  if 

But I hope to remember 

Smart Wheat

Three Line Tales, Week Twenty-Four

You’ll find full guidelines on the TLT page – here’s the tl;dr:

  • Write three lines inspired by the photo prompt (& give them a title if possible).
  • Link back to this post.
  • Tag your post with 3LineTales (so everyone can find you in the Reader).
  • Read and comment on other TLT participants’ lines.
  • If you want your post to be included in the round-up, you have until Sunday evening to publish it. I can’t guarantee I’ll get round to updating the round-up later than that.
  • Have fun.

They laughed when the salesman told them at the peak harvest time the wheat would summons the tractor.   In a bit of horror and awe, the villagers looked on as a farmerless tractor harvested the wheat field. 
Noone asked about the farmerthat wasn’t there anymore. 

    Unpredictable – An Ode to Auto Correct 

    <a href="https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/unpredictable/">Unpredictable</a>

    An Ode to Auto Correct 

    You know my thoughts

    Betsey then I coups every how

    I air you're cosign

    Of o ever were me

    Yous new that for my son's

    Twisted Torah taped to preventing

    How I Better Lyle wormy you now

    Newberry lame me alone to my toughness

    Fatah audio codify


    You know my thoughts

    Better than I ever could 

    I adore your vision

    If I ever were mute 

    You’d bt there for my song

    Treasured thoughts twisted to perfection 

    How I couldn’t live without you now

    Never leave me alone with my thoughts 

    Dearest Auto correct

    The Other Face


    My eyes see your eyes.
    I see the contours.
    Outlines defining your mask.
    Flesh yet plastic
    Real in only time
    Suspect in everything else.
    Which one is known
    Love of a ghost
    Temporal memories
    Hopes, dreams of paper
    Your gaze, match stick
    Smolding to ash
    I see another face
    Is this one real?