Inside Out

I’m wearing the insides out

Abrasive thoughts shape me

Knots twist and turn

Guts tightly strewn about

Breathing held in check

I know how ice feels

I’m wearing the inside out

I free those feelings ruthlessly

Shattering all those binds that tie

Everything you asked why

Tersely thrown at your feet

This is what bothers my being

I’m wearing the inside out

In many ways



Twillight calls softly

Yellow pales, corroding to orange

Breezes summon a chill

The day spills toward night

Thoughts length and change

Clouds scurry after the setting Sun

Fleeting emotions know how they feel

Hope drifts by like a web

Clinging briefly as it moves on

The mood lightens like crepuscular rays

Breaking past clouds running skyward

Thoughts become ambiguous

Nature’s reset button in action

If the mind will just let it work.


Pain is my crown

Path upon I walk

Prism for my rainbows

My monocolor for landscapes

How you see my struggles

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Killer Smile

I want to wear your smile

My inner demons line up

They all want a piece

Restless heart cries out

The world collapses to one

I’m drawn to close to the flame

But the moth cares little

To be held in this moment

In a blink, dreams rise up

Thoughts make new worlds

For all but two people



It’s surface spins.

Oily rainbows skirt by

Watching within the world spins.

Thoughts left behind like illusions

My mind races to fit the images

They seldom come to me.

The wind cuts across

The bubble bobs and weaves.

A flock of dozens more grabs hild

Hand in hand and they dance off

Oblivion or forever they go

I wonder if what was seen

I know images but not complete

Left to fill in details

I wander along still

My path somewhat different



It not stealing your breath

It’s you not wanting it back

Its the eyes that sparkle

They plunge me into oblivion

Nothing exists, you and this second

Everything is now a prefect blur

Logic and reality aren’t welcome

Pleasure dances upon the sparks

Sense of heat between us raises

Secrets hide within that smile

My heart skips waiting to see them

I imagine their gossamer stands

Wrapping me tightly in place

Like a bug in the web, waiting

Unsure but pleasantly anxious

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Wishes Were Horses

Hope lifts everything up

Side to side looks shows nothing

I believe in the change

Good things wait for those believing

Time casts long shadows

The faulty logic is upon me

Looking for ideas tattooed possible

Tomorrow wraps dreams in glass

Break only in emergency only

it seems escape means that now

Desperation is your observation

Desire my explanation of today

I remember reading about wishes

If wishes were horses

Then beggars would ride

My white horse is apparently late


Simple Pleasures

Wringing right from wrong

Her form guilt’s panacea

Pleasure immune from details

Afterthoughts are tight chains

Keeping wrong from returning


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Beach Time

Shimmering like million diamonds

Deep rich blues mix with turquoise

Quiet claps of waves fill the air

Smell of salt hovers near

Waiting for sunburnt nose to fill

Tranquility has no clock or pace

It knows the place it ocuppies

Shead the worldly problems for a spell

You only have nothing to gain

And loads of baggage to lose




Life when things stayed

I was still me

Lines were words

Not around eyes

Tomorrow was promise

Yesterday was the past

Today changed all that

Distance mementos measure

Explanations are excuses

Whole parts I had

Swiss cheese pieces cling

Reassembled in my form

Back when it was me

Things stayed the same