Simple Pleasures

Wringing right from wrong

Her form guilt’s panacea

Pleasure immune from details

Afterthoughts are tight chains

Keeping wrong from returning


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Beach Time

Shimmering like million diamonds

Deep rich blues mix with turquoise

Quiet claps of waves fill the air

Smell of salt hovers near

Waiting for sunburnt nose to fill

Tranquility has no clock or pace

It knows the place it ocuppies

Shead the worldly problems for a spell

You only have nothing to gain

And loads of baggage to lose



Life when things stayed

I was still me

Lines were words

Not around eyes

Tomorrow was promise

Yesterday was the past

Today changed all that

Distance mementos measure

Explanations are excuses

Whole parts I had

Swiss cheese pieces cling

Reassembled in my form

Back when it was me

Things stayed the same


Evoking Memories

A latent thought evokes a memory

Pieces of mental mist combine

Their form abstract concrete

Yesterday’s stare back at me

Their eyes radiate like a kaleidoscope

Dancing lights reveal answers

Their questions long lost in time

I long to draw them into my mind

Consciousness doesn’t quell unrest

What did I miss only lingers on

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What material is one carved?

Flimsy clumps or rigid stone

Upon whose hand creates an image

Or does the image guide the hand?

Does the path carve the being?

Like a river chewing at land

Maybe wind and ice digging canyons

Are we the leftovers or the soul?

Is the space what we fill?

Or are we what remains?

Why did they carve us to begin with

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Skeleton key opens lock

Light spreads tainted rays

Buried thoughts laden in hope

Dreams based on tides recede

Familiar faces flicker like candles

Time braids a lifetime in unison

What’s parade next to where’s

Questions left behind answers fled

Ancient lock adorns the past

Mystical qualities of the unfinished

We harbor these in glory and fear

But when facing the shaded door

Temptation defuses the memories

We never lose this key somehow


Who does one confess too?

Are my trespasses severe?

Does victim or perpetrator decide?

What if it was incidental.

Is it ever incidental?

Are thoughts hijacking actions?

Maybe I was unwittingly…

Swirling ghosts of logic rise

Passionate defences whisk them away

I’m a good person..I think

I must be afterall

Doubt wears any executioners hood

Shadows fill noisy jury boxes

Quietness poses as innocence

There’s a mistake here, I know

Calm is missing, as pulses race

Fear vacates my confession

I fall back from atonement

Question of the need

or the want to confess

<a href=””>Confess</a&gt;

Coming Change

Mist beckons across still ponds

Caress of warmth against the chill

Softening morning’s wake up call

Calm waters wait to dance

Breezes hide in night’s last shadow

Birds singing their tune grow wary

Bare trees provide no hiding places

Changes come from a distance

Nature cautiously waits to play

Before weather takes it all away

Blank Face

Reaching you like

Wrestling smoke rings

Hollow made emptiness

Or is it the other way?

Welcoming yesterday again

A mind trick of better times

Distance removes the barbs

Fantasy, the game of rememberence

No winter night rivals you

No stagehand can out perform you

If there’s every someone there

Deep inside the costume of yours

Do they realize they’re trapped?

Prisoner of self-doubt

Fighter to make-up for losses

Wraith haunting sacred ground

Gentle breezes remove smoke rings

They dissipate into thin air

Only then did we see what there

Truly nothing at all


Your need for attention

like the leaves to the wind

Addiction of being front and center

Loneliness drowned in the crowd

Cheers from the alcoholic

Not that you would recognize him

His drink is your “hello”

Does either have a reason to forget

One that is not self-inflicted

Quietly you both fade into the night

However, just you look back