The void

The void calls

It takes your heart

Your thoughts circle

Feelings die, reaction lives

Shadows show you light

Books read by illiterate

Become hymns change d

Verses drift chorus away

Fading to white

We’re claiming purity

Deep inside were know

Void is anything

But clean

The Big Gamble – Literary Lion


I play you like a game.  We both know it.  I laugh at it sometimes.  I let you gamble with me.  I’m your penny slot.  You are risking nothing and winning nothing.  Sure a dollar disappears, whoa I give fifteen cents back!  You’ll never learn.  I hope not.  This is my life’s work.  

“I’m so glad we went to Vegas!  It’s so glam! I can’t believe we are in a real pyramid!  Can we walk the street again?!  Do you think the girls would come to the room?  You know….to show people, men… A good time?!  It so weird.  The guys flicking the cards” Emily fights back the anxiety of it all.  A small town girl lost in lights.  Real bad people but what if they are real people.  A small town girl knows everyone.  Secrets aren’t allowed.  You embarrass the family. If you know did, what they do here.

“I told you. When I take you out of Indiana, you’ll be reborn!” Kiel kisses her on the head. “You won’t to talk to a stripper? I bet we can find them over on Industrial Street.  Strip Clubs.  Maybe I get to see you on a pole.  You’d be so sexy!  Would you spin for me?  Or would the dollars in the panties go to your head?” 

She blushes.  “I couldn’t do it. I love to watch them dance.”

Kiel’s mind flashes.  You lose!  Pull the handle gamble again! As long as you think small…

Emily smiles. “You know me so well. If I could do it….well, you would let me..right?  It’s not that I want to… Just I’ve never known someone who did.  Forget it!  I like the pyramid game over there.  Let’s go but a couple dollars in it!”

Kiel smiles. “Babe, you do what ever you want.  I’m right behind you.”

Kiel laughs.  He knows she wouldn’t go anywhere but back to nowhere.   She gambled and lost.  Now she has him.

This is a response to a challenge known as literary lion. Please see the details here.