Tale Weaver #25 – Wicked Witch Visits


The warm morning air hangs over suburbia.   The sun beats down with a hammer of fire.   From behind me a shadow grows to my right.

My mind says ‘oh dear God now what? Its the crazy widow again’.  Out loud I throw out a “hello, how are you today?” I don’t look up just getting mail ready for the next box.

“Eeehhh hee hee.  Mr Mailman, I’ve been looking for you.  My dear, I have a deal.” Amanda Gilch like voice carries through my skull rather then my ears.

“Nice hat,  Mrs Wilson.  I thought for a second…” my voice stopped cold mid turn.

“You know me, don’t you?!  I have a deal for you.  I do love making wishes happen.  Make a wish, a curse, anything to anyone.  I’ll grant you once.  But there’s a price!” Her fingers are waving back and further.   They are so incredibly long.   Her face is a green blur.   I know it but I can’t stop looking at bony, lumpy finger.

“My boss.   Outside like me, all November in the rain, eight hours a day!” I hiss.  No thought required.   The price not a factor in my hypnotic state.

“Oooh my!  You really most love her. You’ll pay too!   Every minute she feels the November rain, so do you my sweetie.   Eeehhh hee heee!!  Your misery is my pleasure! ”

I stare at her barely blinking.   “What do you think I do all day lady?!  Her name is Darla.   Your cousin Darla.   She can’t melt either!   Every day she feels what I feel.   That’s our deal!”

My head spins.   The haze of hypnosis fades.

“You must touch her tho cast your spell, Mr Mailman.”  She lifts off the ground , no flying monkeys in sight.

Part of a challenge from Mindless Misery Menagerie which supplied prompt and theme.


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