Literary Lion – Dance, Grieve for the Dancer

Literary Lion. Happy Feet.
by Laura Gabrielle Feasey
Bonsoir my lovely literary wizards. This week the lion has two pairs of pirouetting paws…

The word is ‘Dance’.

You have seven days to tell your dance inspired tales, in 400 words or less. As always, Pingback to this post, include the tag ‘Literary Lion’ so we can all see your story in the WP reader, and don’t forget to holler via Instagram and twitter.


Spinning, ever spinning.  Left arm dangling behind.  Body wrenched in clockwise spiral.  The movement is awkward.  The decent is graceful.  The landing is all but.

Penny dusts off her pants.  Adjusts her shirt.  Fluffs up her matted hair.  And begins again. Rising on her right foot and crossing over with her left.

Gravel parking lots make bad dance floors. The modest crowd stares. A couple encourage more. Alcohol fueled performances are her calling card. Losing count of shots her specialty. Wind under her wings, the spin ends with arms spread and head bowed. A slight smile and she raises her arms higher and further back. The bird is ready to take fight.

Her balance fades. Backwards she tumbles. Penny flips for the last time heads up. Grieve for the dancer.

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