Garden Update


Anyone like venison?   My sweet corn was being harvested today.   But I was supposed to be the one doing it!  I wake up to see this doe.  She’s standing next to a destroyed corn patch.   I go out to scream at the deer. ..I get a doe eyed look.   I remember the guns are in the attic. And fire a large rock, primeval Mark waging a new war against my friendly visitors. 

She runs off.   But I have one survivor….


Now this won’t feed one person.   But my sweet corn dreams are crushed.   Tonite, it’ll be a guest of honor at the table.   Dressed in butter, a splash of salt and pepper.  I’ll probably have to split it into three inch mini cobs.   It’s brothers in stalks were ripped off and stripped down one side, then chewed up. They also took out the zucchini and squash that grew to shade the corn’s roots.


Now if that was the only damage I’d be happy,  no I wouldn’t but it sounds better that way.   They walked across my cucumber vines.  The vines are a little peeked at this tune of year.   I gather a crop of green tomatoes that have been knocked to the ground.   I’m glad they don’t like eggplant

I remember my visitors.   Anyone want some venison?

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