The Watch

I was early.  Noon was coming fast.  I can’t believe the colors on stones that cover the ocean front.   It’s a rainbow of adventuring, amethyst, Jasper, and quartz.  My mind captured by rough seas that near come in to break on the shore.

Four winds point. Bearing the watch and its symbol I wait.  The place of storms gives birth soon.  Her next hurricane with come in a wisp.  If I live, it’ll take me,around the world.  If I have the watch.

Written as part of a challenge called Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, details are available at

32 thoughts on “The Watch

    1. Oops! I’m in the middle if something. There’s a town called Payson, AZ and they told the Postmaster of Cleveland where I work out of they want me there ASAP! I went to a busy job to moving in four days.


      1. They are asking about me being released to go. They just forgot to tell me I was going and any details like when! It’s a welcome idea. It’s the when do I need to sell a house, have wife figure out her future employee end, where do I rent some place that accepts cats …part that I need clarity on.🙃

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      2. Wow! That is just wonderful! I’m glad you didn’t have just four days to move there! I’m sure ya’ll are really excited and I don’t blame you!! You are going to be very busy in the future!

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      3. I know that in my area rental prices are outrageously high. I don’t know what it costs to heat homes in Ohio but the price of gas isn’t that bad out this way. Plus, Arizona being warmer, it probably doesn’t take a lot of heat to heat a home.

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      4. Our house is worth about a third more out in AZ by what I see online. We pay almost $200 on a budget to heat the house alone. We go through a lot of propane.


      5. We have 1200 square feet but a huge yard. It takes a lot of propane to get through October to May. I’m thinking if I lose $2400 a year on propane, I can afford a home


      6. That certainly would give you more money to put toward a home! I know my sister-in-law lived in Prescott and didn’t have air conditioning. Her home didn’t have an air conditioner and she lived in a nice home! Personally, I can’t imagine living in Arizona without AC but I can imagine where you wouldn’t need to use much heat.

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      7. It’s tucked in behind d the Superstition Mountains. It has four seasons but January averages a low in upper 20’s. That’s the high temperature here! Yeah, the heat will be neededucted but not 24 hours a day

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      8. I heard it’s one of nicer places you can move in Arizona. I’ll be like heaven freon where I’m at now. I’ll miss how everything here is green for five months. And white for the rest of the year


      9. I understand what you mean. I remember that as a child, when we moved to the Four Corners I thought the landscape was so ugly. But I have grown to love it and think it is very beautiful now. When you get to Arizona you will love it! I think Payson will be a beautiful place to live!

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