Leap Previously Known As

Cliff edges make great starting points

My youth gathered on ones higher and higher

Landing is always the problem not the flight

Winds could hold up any dreamer with closed eyes

It’s the brain that tells you the ground is approaching

Your heart doesn’t leave the sky and the birds

Thrill and dreams are twins from the same mother

We tend to pay more attention to the wrong one

Wings of steel have become clipped and feathered

For too long my cliff has waited for my return

Too long I felt the winds tug at my heartstrings

I remember the song, I remember the landing

The flight is long gone, not pictures left

The edge is calling, the birds call to join them

With a sense of thrill and terror, I leap

My eyes clinched shut and head turned skyward

Feeling of freedom return to an older soul

Smells of forests swirl amongst strong winds

My mind tells me landing is always the problem

My heart says enjoy the flight

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