All Downhill

Finish It! #28
by authorsbmazing.
The challenge finish the story with the first paragraph provided.

It was a beautiful sunny day. He had spent all day on the slopes. The lifts would be running for another 30min before shutting down and latest by then he had to make his way back down to town. He loved it up here, enjoyed the view over the village way down there and all the other mountains surrounding the town he grew up in. The mountain was already pretty empty. This time of the winter it would be dark soon. One more run, he thought. One more and then I will make my way back home.

The Sawtooth Trail was his favorite.   A double black diamond rated thrill ride.   It could take ten minutes to run it out.  The conditions were a little icy.   Speeds would be incredible.  

Into the run, his skis cut through the snow.   A heavy sound, odd swish noise.   The hill drops quick.  Turns snake to the left.  View hides behind the trees.   The trees are a pocket fence flashing on both sides.   A tunnel surrounds him.   A quick right turn, and cruises banking to the left.  A little mogul pops him off the ground.   The landing is slick. He wobbles a bit.   Correcting and heading for the heart of the next turn.  The right ski catches an exposed rock. 

The lone figure tumbles into the trees.   Windmill blades from what were once ski snap into the air.   The dull thud echoes, but is unheard.

Kyle lies face down.  The wet snow a couple feet deep.   His right leg twisted.   His foot points up to the sky.  His leg is horribly shattered.   The pain is complete.   The overwhelming burning sensation makes him whoosy. His head floats. Time stops. Its measured by slow labored breath.

Light begins to fade.   The wind cradles the mountain side.   A cloud of snow whisked by.
The low sound of movement crawls toward him.  

A flash of black reaches his eyes.   Then silence.

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