Finish it #34

She saw the bundle in the corner, covered by dirty blankets. It moved. It was freezing cold. No wonder it was trying to find cover or at least a little bit of it under the shredded and filthy fabric. It must be desperate, she thought. She was just about to walk on when she heard the sound coming from under the blankets. And it was not what she had expected to hear. She froze and slowly turned around….

Lydia looked through her blood shot eyes.  Her heart fought against her addiction.  The dumpster at the hospital was gold to the needle fiend.  But today it’s different. Her heart raced.  The little innocent body pushed against the fabric of despair.  Shedding the blankets of filth, the baby emerged like a butterfly from its cocoon. The little body reached out.  

Lydia watched her buzz vanish.  The need for the needle to take what had become of her life vanished.  Her mind and heart felt the need to matter.  The drug called maternal cried for the protection of this little one.  Years that were never lived marked both arms.  These track marked arms held a reason to live.  For herself nothing mattered.  This was a sign from above.  The u-turn for her soul from the alter of her self destruction.

She a rounded the corner.  Her tattered jeans.  Her grungy flannel covered the only decent shirt she had.  The security guard recognized her.  

“Lydia what you got there!” Joe looks over his glasses at her.

“It’s a baby.  Someone left it.  I found my reason to live.” Lydia glows

“You don’t think they’ll let someone like you keep that, do you?” Responds Joe.

Finish It #33- What’s Bugging You

Could it be? They looked again, wondering if they could trust their eyes, blinking. Then, in a split of a second it was gone…

“I know that wasn’t really there.” Mike dryly speaks.  

“Man, if you mean the giant bug eating that dude’s head. .. yeah man.   I didn’t see anything.   Did you lock that car door! I still see a body with no head.   Do want a closer look?! Get the hell out of the car!  I’m getting out of here.” Joey slams the Camaro in into gear.  His hands grip the wheel do not to shake.

The car shook but they weren’t sure if it was nerves or something else. The car made a couple quick turns out of driveway and down Fifth Avenue.  The smack on the rear window echoes in their minds.   Joey slams on the brakes.   The car slides to the left. 

A second slam hits the window.   Mike turns around to see a leg.  Insect leg.  Big, really big,  covering the length of the rear window.  

The high pitch screech rips through the car.  The moonroof gives way.   Mike’s neck feels the pitch of steel jaws.   Blood flows.   The body held fast by seatbelt doesn’t budge.  Mike’s body goes limp.

Joey stares at his friend.   He could touch the mandibles crushing his friend.  He could get out and run.  But he’s froze in place.  The hands are locked.  The breath doesn’t come.  His blood is stuck in his veins. 

“Please, let me move.” He begins to cry.

All Downhill

Finish It! #28
by authorsbmazing.
The challenge finish the story with the first paragraph provided.

It was a beautiful sunny day. He had spent all day on the slopes. The lifts would be running for another 30min before shutting down and latest by then he had to make his way back down to town. He loved it up here, enjoyed the view over the village way down there and all the other mountains surrounding the town he grew up in. The mountain was already pretty empty. This time of the winter it would be dark soon. One more run, he thought. One more and then I will make my way back home.

The Sawtooth Trail was his favorite.   A double black diamond rated thrill ride.   It could take ten minutes to run it out.  The conditions were a little icy.   Speeds would be incredible.  

Into the run, his skis cut through the snow.   A heavy sound, odd swish noise.   The hill drops quick.  Turns snake to the left.  View hides behind the trees.   The trees are a pocket fence flashing on both sides.   A tunnel surrounds him.   A quick right turn, and cruises banking to the left.  A little mogul pops him off the ground.   The landing is slick. He wobbles a bit.   Correcting and heading for the heart of the next turn.  The right ski catches an exposed rock. 

The lone figure tumbles into the trees.   Windmill blades from what were once ski snap into the air.   The dull thud echoes, but is unheard.

Kyle lies face down.  The wet snow a couple feet deep.   His right leg twisted.   His foot points up to the sky.  His leg is horribly shattered.   The pain is complete.   The overwhelming burning sensation makes him whoosy. His head floats. Time stops. Its measured by slow labored breath.

Light begins to fade.   The wind cradles the mountain side.   A cloud of snow whisked by.
The low sound of movement crawls toward him.  

A flash of black reaches his eyes.   Then silence.

Finish It #27 Jessica

She looked out the tiny airplane window, watched how the airport was speeding by and then how the buildings, cars, trees became smaller and smaller. She was holding on to her husbands hand and with the other hand caressing her little boys cheek. She thought this would be easier. She didn’t expect it to hurt and she didn’t expect to tear up. But in a way it was hurting. She knew this would be left behind for good. Her life as she knew it to this day was about to change. A new adventure was waiting for her and her family.

The thrill of moving was great. Leaving behind cold for year around earth.  A big new house waited to be filled with memories.  The white colonial with extra rooms and space.   The family would surely prosper.  Everyone had their own place.   She should be so happy.

With her husband hand, she explores his fingers.  The touch she looks for isn’t quite there.   It’s not as warm. Not as inviting.   She didn’t think about it.   It’s a new start.   Old acquaintance be forgot.   It’s all for the best.

Her mind spins toward the window.  She imagines what it was like.   The feelings in her heart.   It was goodbye.   It’s was so much more.   The touch of someone who cared and wanted her because she was desirable.  Those feelings had become a language she could no longer speak.

She drops her husband hand on her leg. Both hands hold her infant. It’s for him, she must forget. The mind is willing but her body can’t stop thinking about her one chance she took. What if

finish It #26 – It Could Happen Anywhere

Here is another intro for my Blog Event ‘Finish It’. You can find the rules here. In short: Just finish the story. No deadline. And if it doesn’t inspire you, there are 25 other intros sitting there and waiting for you 🙂
She could feel the blade of the knife on her neck while he pulled her into the bush. She had not seen or heard him. He came out of nowhere. Keep calm! She had to keep calm. What did they teach them again? Her heart was pounding while she was trying hard to remember what they told them to do in such a situation. His breath was heavy, his grip firm and seemed strong and calm. He knew exactly what he wanted to do and how he was going to do it.
Please continue..

Gloria leaned forward. Attempting to keep her feet on the ground. He forcibly swung her to the ground. The knife tettering on her skin. Quietly making her with a thin line of blood. Her crash was followed a hard landing by her attacker. The landscape was a cove of shrubs. Light and vision of the outside world struggled to make it through.

“I’m going to taste your fear. The harder you breath, the more I like it. I want you to feel everything before life leaves your body.” His sift vice adding an extra side to her soul.

His arm grabs her firmly up against his body pinning her and keeping the knife locked in her neck.

“So what should we do first?” He chides her.

Face first in the ground, she raises her body up against his. He pulls her up toward his waist. With a flailing kick she hopes to spin him off her. It falls. She dps back down.

“Ok, one more time. Gloria keep your feet this time. If he throws you push up and kick away. Pretend it’s your life!” The instructor sets up the drill once more.

Finish It #25

Finish It! #25
by authorsbmazing
She was looking around, scanning the surroundings like a hawk. Where did they go? They knew not to just walk off and both of them were old enough to not just leave. She only turned around for a short moment, trying to see if the guy she thought was following them was still there. And now they were gone. The panic started growing. What if?

Please continue….

Two bikes still leaned against the tree. Gilbert and Sally wanted to see the dog in the yard. It gave Olivia a chance to get a look at him. One hand fished for the phone in her purse. He was getting closer. On third right turn, she noticed him. The cap tight against sunglasses. Bits of hair was only way thing she could make out. If she could get a picture of him was all she thought.

“Gilbert! Sally! Get back here!”the controlled mom voice rings out. A slight flutter in the end being the closest to sign of weakness.

The man she watched disappeared right before they did. What to do? Panic was talking. The dog was gone. The kids were gone. But it was the guy disappearing. …

Olivia runs to the house. Thirty feet but closer to a mile in distance. The screen door hung tattered. The doorbell fails. Banging her hands on the wooden frame echoes in the house.

“Hang on! I ain’t buying nothing! If that’s what you’re after just leave!” A grumpy voice calls out from the dark interior.

“My kids were petting your dog. I think they let him off the leash. They run around the corner! Did you see them?” She tried to sound in control.

The blue ball cap comes into focus. Her heart slams into the ground. How? Why?

“It’s you! Why? There just little kids!”

“Mom, why don’t you come in and get them!”

She throws the door open. It’s the last thing she remembers.

Finish It #24 -Lost in Thought


He was caressing her beautiful soft and warm skin, kissing her on her neck while inhaling the fragrance of her hair. The sun was shining, warming his back and when he looked in her eyes he could see the reflection of the few clouds above.

“Mr Falkner!”

The voice forced him back to reality.

“Yes?” he managed to actually answer.

“Mr Falkner! I asked you wlohat your take of this subject is!” She glanced at him, waiting for her student to finally answer her question.

He looked at his professor, trying hard to remember what she was talking about before he drifted off into his dreamworld where they were so much closer than in real life.

“I was thinking of the glimmer of sun against the pale, soft skin on your neck.   I can’t really think clearly on anything else as I see you here.   I wish I could change how strongly I’m drawn to you.   Here and now.   It’s like we were the only people here.

I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have said that.   I got lost in your chocolate brown eyes.  You are obscured in my world…”

“Mr Faulkner, we don’t have all day here.   Dip looking at me and look at the subject! ”

Slowly he realises his hand stretched out toward her.   The group of students are all staring at him.   He had no clue of what the subject was.

Finish It #23 – How Could They?!

Part of a challenge in which the first part sentence paragraph is provided for you to finish…

She could hear them from far. Him of whom she thought would be her future husband and her. Her best friend. How could she! How could they. Slowly she approached the bedroom door, unsure if she wanted to open it and see what seemed so obvious. If she would walk out now she could pretend. Pretend it was just a dream. Pretend it was just her imagination. Go back to normal. But if she opened this door now and saw what she was expecting to see, there would be no return.

She already knew. The signs were obvious. Heidi was the one who introduced them. It was wrong. So wrong. Twelve years the girls were almost inseparable.

She paused in the kitchen, her flight seemed too easy. The tears started to well. Anger was trying to hold them back. She noticed the cell phone on this counter. He would only leave it behind when he wanted to be unavailable.

She picked it up. It turned on with the smiling coupe picture on wallpaper. It was too much.

She runs out of his house. There’s his landscaping truck. His smiling face on the door! The same face smiling behind that door with her best friend! The gas can! The gas can calls out to her.

Diane pulls out her phone. “I’m outside! Your house is filled with smoke. GET OUT! Please answer. Please pick up!”

A gas can on an electric stove. A call to 911.

“Oh my god, the house is full of smoke! Come quick! “

Diver Down – Finish it #22

He took a deep breathe. Inhaled and exhaled a couple of times, each time a little bit slower, a little bit longer. He closed his eyes and repeated the breathing. He could feel his heart rate slow down. Slowly he put the mask on and then he emerged into the world he felt so at ease with. He would be one with the ocean once again, diving for minutes without any air. Usually he was down here to enjoy. To become one with this amazing world. This time was different. A lot was at stake. He had to succeed. The consequences would be too huge to handle otherwise.

There were shimmers and sparkles all across the sea floor.  White sand brushed over black rock.  Old corals held on to the arms and fans tenuously.  Somewhere there was a gold bracelet, quahog shell carved and inlaid with opal.  It had be above water for a hundred fifty years.  Why it made the boat trip, that’s not important anymore. 

Fifteen to twenty feet isn’t deep until you lose something.  The currents gently tug.  Pulling flotsam and jetsam through the area.  A few arm sized parrot fish swim by, and circle.  Tiny silver fish rise up toward the surface.  One man seems to swirl, turned by an unseen hand.  A few bubbles rise from him. Then he ascends toward the boat.  The diving platform stretches toward him.  

Jessica stares down.  Silent.  Eyes drawn toward his empty hands.  A tear forms.  As if not sure where to fall, it hangs at the edge of her right eye.  She has no voice.  She has no emotion.  Her stare says it all.  

Samuel knows he’s going back down. But the need to hold an extra breath, kept him at the surface. He was half disappointed. Half angry. She should have never jumped in the water with it. A family heirloom. A remote island. The chances faded with each dive.

Again he dropped below the surface. Maybe this time the current will tumble it into view.

Finish it #20


Finally! Boarding time! She made her way to her seat and stowed her carry on away. As much as she loved traveling she was not keen on this 12 hour flight. She sat down and fastened her seat belt, wondering who would sit next to her. After a quick look out the tiny window she started scanning the other passengers entering the plane, wondering who would eventually sit down next to her. She glanced out the window again and observed the busy world out there. Then someone sat down next to her.

It was a surprise.   Not an oversized guy, with two duffle bags to squeeze under a seat.  Not the person wearing the same clothes for three days.   A real life normal person.  Thank god.  The trip to paradise is best after good flight.

The sixty year old gentleman quickly sat down.  He settled in.  They exchanged pleasantries.  He sat back and waited.  Very relaxed, quiet, not stealing the arm rests, just sat there.

Lillian was feeling a little bit strange.  All she wanted was a quiet person.  She got a zombie instead.  Her mind starts spinning “Maybe once they take off, he’ll change.  Yeah, nervous flier.  Mr Quiet was getting to her.  It’ll be a long twelve hours unless the movie is good.”

Mr Quiet stays statue still during takeoff.  He even pays attention to the safety instructions from the crew.  They climb higher and higher.  Mr Quiet is just sitting there.  He is plenty aware of the lady next to him.  Her looking out the window and turning back to him is getting old.  

Without warning Mr Quiet speaks, “so is this you first flight? You’re awful nervous”

Lillian is stunned. Her mind starts How can this be? He’s talking and I’m the nervous one.  Her mouth is failing her.   Finally, she makes a noise. “No, I’m not nervous.  You’re the most quiet person I ever saw.  At first,I expected a horrible flight.  I was happy not to hear someone’s troubles for hours on end.  Now, I’m the crazy person aren’t I?”

He smiles and says, “I’m going to snorkel in the ocean.  First time to Hawaii.  It’ll be my last.  I was glad you were quiet too.  Traveling makes everyone crazy.  You were going to tell me your problems for the rest of the trip now, aren’t you?”