Whidbey Street


“Three rounds, you buy. I’ll swim out to the bouy and back.” Tony explains the bet a third time.

“Dude, if us had the guts you’d be back already. ” Dominic taunts him.

Whidbey Street is Puget Sound comes to an obscure terminus. The weathered wooden bar has a feature called Jumpers Landing. It’s where the drunk meets the Sound.  The scene a slab of limestone hanging out inviting you into blue cool water.

Tony walks over to the landing.  The sign of NO SWIMMING is powerless against the bar bet. The split rail fence provides a better launching point than the deterrent.

“Hey! Hey! GET AWAY FROM THERE!” Call from behind.   Words said on a manner knowing their uselessness.

Tony doesn’t see the pod of Orca.  They don’t care for Captain Morgan.  But baby’s got to eat something.

31 thoughts on “Whidbey Street

    1. There’s lots of names for trouble! It was first thing that popped in my mind. I even went and find names that fit the area tiq give it the authentic feel. I’m not sure if anyone is from Tacoma, Washington will read it

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