Literary Lion – Flowers For Me

Literary Lion. Bloom.

I might be fighting off the temptation to play sleeping lions here today but my feeble fingers have just about managed to pluck a piece of paper from my little jar.

The word is the very beautifully penned ‘flower’.

There are some exciting things on the horizon for Literary Lion, but in order to make room for the approaching antics the event is now becoming a fortnightly affair. So from this week onwards I am giving you 14 days to craft your post of 400 words or less. Please remember to pingback to this post, include the ‘Literary Lion’ tag and of course give me a tinkle on Instagram and twitter.

As part of the new and improved Literary Lion I will be choosing a favourite tale each week to link to in my next prompt piece, so have your writing hands at the ready…


Its a special day!  The air is electric.   Excitement oozes from Monica.  She walks around the apartment.   Her hand wrapped around the bouquet.  Finding the right crib for the new baby.   All her bouquets are babies.   One will surely fill that empty space in her soul.

The reds, and yellows are incredible.   One by one.   Stem by stem. Every flat space has a bloom.  Greens and babie’s breath are her remaining dance partners.  She glides above the floor.   Who knew a doorbell would produce such excitement.

She tried open the bedroom door.

“Oh my darling, you love me so much.   I’m gonna give you a little something.   I’m gonna give you a lot of something.   I love you so much!”  Monica sings to her beau.

“Now Danny don’t you have something to say to me?!”

Her bouquet goes sideways in her hands.   Her face loses it’s glowing smile.  She draws close up against him as he sits still in a chair.   Her hand reaching to his naked body.

  “I can tell you like this.   It’s better if you just give in.   It could be do good for both of us. ”

His silence is disturbing.  She undresses and strattles him.  

“Ok,  I’ll take off the gag.  But you’re going to get me pregnant.”

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